[Fabulous Workplaces] Touring Cleartrip

[Fabulous Workplaces] Touring Cleartrip

Monday December 17, 2012,

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Cleartrip's motto of "making travel simple" has a lot to do with the place where all the work is done. In this week's fabulous startup workplace, we visit Cleartrip, a company with a global team working to make travel easy in India. As with any organization, housing creative minds, you will see how this workplace is full of open spaces and how the concept of closed cubicles has be phased out. From being bench-mates with your boss to playing a game of Table Tennis to ease the pressures of work, Cleartrip is fabulous in every way.

Here's presenting Cleartrip, our fabulous startup workplace for this week -

Jays Chandy, the VP for Human Resources hosted and showed us around the Cleartrip office. You will see how travel is embedded into the DNA of this organization and it starts with the work place itself. They have glass doors to look like the window pane of an airplane and walls filled with travel memorabilia from the employees and visitors. Even the cafeteria has a map of Bangalore with sticky tags on the coordinates of great places to eat. The employees, who were putting in long hours of quality work are warm and laid back from the exterior and also at ease because of the wonderful environment the Cleartrip office provides.

Watch the video and know what it is like to be a part of our fabulous startup work place of the week, Cleartrip. 

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