[YS TV] "Many startups in Bangalore need to get their act right," - K.Jairaj IAS, Former President AIMA

[YS TV] "Many startups in Bangalore need to get their act right," - K.Jairaj IAS, Former President AIMA

Tuesday December 18, 2012,

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When you're done watching this video of K . Jairaj IAS, the stereotypical image of the Indian government official one harbors would have gone through a drastic change. A Delhi School of Economics graduate, Jairaj went to Princeton and Harvard but chose to serve the country with the Indian Administrative Service. He has worked on many prestigious projects in infrastructure development. Despite his various deployments, he retains a keen interest in management, a skill which is sorely needed in today's Indian startups. Here, we speak to him about the problems in the management of startups, the need for government initiatives and crucial lessons for entrepreneurs -

Jairaj believes that there is a growing concern within the management facility on the usefulness of conventional management programs. He says,"While there are those who vouch for conventional management, I have heard young entrepreneurs say that they have had to think out of the box and the conventional management isn't really helping them. Furthermore, some professors at IIMs admit that what they teach is old hat. There is a growing belief that you have to create a management ethos around an individual, rather than make someone adhere to a system. I personally don't know which one is correct, but the debate is definitely on."

Jairaj leaves us with some key suggestions for entrepreneurs, "Those who are entrepreneurs must not give up. There is high mortality rates within startups and the tendency to leave this and go back to the conventional route of employment is also high, but they must persevere. My second suggestion is that those who want to leave their conventional jobs and startup should do it and there is no better place than Bangalore to do it."

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