The Hatch announces plans to launch Incubation center in Gurgaon

The Hatch announces plans to launch Incubation center in Gurgaon

Thursday December 20, 2012,

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The Hatch for Startups – a non-profit organization was founded in March 2012 with the objective of supporting entrepreneurs, facilitating the formation of a larger pool of mentors and early stage investors, and overall enabling and catalyzing the early stage start-up eco-system in India. The Hatch focuses on concept and early stage entrepreneurs and helps in converting raw ideas into strong businesses.

Currently operating from Chandigarh, The Hatch has 20 companies in its portfolio and has today announced plans for setting up one more 25,000 sq. ft. in Gurgaon. Puneet Vatsayan, Co-founder & Chairman, The Hatch said,We are extremely pleased about our upcoming facility in Gurgaon; the new facility will allow us to have a presence in the Gurgaon & NCR region which is a growing hub for high-potential entrepreneurs with global aspiration. This upcoming facility will build upon our existing operations of a virtual incubation program, domain specific incubator in cognitive sciences, extensive learning center and an existing 25,000 sq ft incubator in Chandigarh. The upcoming Hatch center will act as a catalyst to the early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. We intend to be the default destination for assistance and awareness for all startups.


The Hatch center in Gurgaon has the facility to accommodate over 50 startups a year and will have common facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, reception, lounge, cafeteria, etc. In addition, the Hatch Center in Gurgaon will also provide the lounge and meeting rooms to the Hatch partners visiting NCR region from across the world. The Hatch Center will have 2 event rooms that can accommodate over 100 people each and will be used for The Hatch Institute events and also be available to other organizations that are participants in the entrepreneurial system to hold their events.

Some of the portfolio companies:

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