19 year old Amdavadi launches Katipatang to capitalize on the 'Uttrayan Craze'

19 year old Amdavadi launches Katipatang to capitalize on the 'Uttrayan Craze'

Monday January 14, 2013,

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Sahil Kukreja is a 2nd year B-Com student from Ahmedabad, Gujarat who launched Katipatang.in a couple of weeks ago to make the most of the Uttrayan craze (which is today). Sitting prettily over Zepo, Katipatang caters to the Ahmedabad crowd alone. Definitely not a technology feat, what is heartening to see his that youngsters are thinking of innovative ways to make their own businesses. He'll surely make Chris Guillebeau proud. And taking into consideration the fact that Sahil hails from the entrepreneurial state of Gujarat, he's just perhaps acting on his instincts.

Sahil Kukreja

But why would anyone by kites from an online store when they're available in each and every corner? “Apart from the usual range of kites, I’m selling some unique design of kites which are rather difficult to find at the local shops. With such an extensive range, I’m sure to attract a lot of kite lovers. I’m already getting some 30 orders everyday!” he answers. Talking about his online shop, Sahil elaborates, "KatiPatang.in is going to be a one-stop-shop for all your kite needs this Uttarayan. Right now, delivery is available only to people in Ahmedabad." Sahil has partnered with one of his friends whose family is into manufacturing and selling kites at the local market. KatiPatang.in has over 50 variety of kites online, and all the related kite accessories. And to facilitate deliveries within the city, he has tied up with Maruti courier services.

Since setting up the store was a rather last minute decision, Sahil hasn't had time to manage the back-end arrangements to be able to supply beyond Ahmedabad on time. The kites are delivered on the same day, on cash-on-delivery basis. Moving forward, Sahil intends to take this pan Gujarat. “From the top of my head and seeing how well this initiative takes off, I’d want to expand to the whole of Gujarat the next season by partnering with kites sellers across all cities. And possibly facilitate online payments to simplify it all.” Other stores like Homeshop18 and Dholdhamaka are also selling kites but local knowledge would surely help Sahil to serve his customers well.

So if you are in Ahmedabad right now, and are feeling too lazy to go out and shop for kites, you know your next destination! Happy Uttarayan…

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