[Announcement] ISB Announces, "Startup First" in Collaboration with YourStory.in - Startups looking for management talent can register

[Announcement] ISB Announces, "Startup First" in Collaboration with YourStory.in - Startups looking for management talent can register

Thursday January 10, 2013,

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YourStory.in is proud to announce its partnership with ISB’s Wadhwani Center of Entrepreneurship Development and Entrepreneurship(WECD) & Venture Capital Club in bringing to you Startup First. This is an initiative aimed at nurturing the spirit and culture of entrepreneurship at ISB and promote entrepreneurship as a viable career option. 21 Indian startups have already signed up and you can too. Click here to register.

Here's a brief outlook of the program -

  • Orientation sessions to help students understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem  and what it takes to join a start-up/early stage companies
  • Understanding student requirements (Sectors/roles etc.)
Experiential  Programme
  • Students interested in joining start-ups, will be given an opportunity to work in teams with start-up/growth stage companies to experience the entrepreneurial process.
  •  Entrepreneurial companies interested in building their core team will pitch their companies to the students
  •  Interested students to send their expression of interest to WCED
  • Students will interact with the selected companies for few weeks to understand their role and growth opportunities.
  • Students will be trained on the  skills required  to join an entrepreneurial venture
  • Selected  students sign-on with the companies

The program is aimed to benefit companies who are looking for business graduates and to provide students in business education the right kind of exposure to the startup ecosystem. In collaboration with ISB, we at YourStory.in are looking to -

  •     Help students who aspire to become entrepreneurs to get into an ‘entrepreneurial role’ and get a first-hand experience of entrepreneurship.
  •     Ensure start-up entrepreneurs have access to the students who are willing to join them as employees.
  •     Nurture the growth of new emerging businesses and encourage and nurture entrepreneurial ambitions of students.

Registrations for the event ends on 17th of Jan and the event will be held between Feb 2nd and 3rd. Interested startups can register here. Also check out the YourStory Jobs Board for an amazing opportunity to work with a great startup.

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