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Dissecting the Jagriti Yatra, what is it all about?

Dissecting the Jagriti Yatra, what is it all about?

Sunday January 06, 2013 , 4 min Read

Yesterday we wrote about the Jagriti Yatra and what the Yatris had to say but we received a few queries asking what the whole intent behind the Yatra is what route it follows. Here, we'll try to provide the answers:

The Concept:

Jagriti Yatra is a nationwide annual train journey to promote the vision “Building India through enterprise”. It takes 450 highly motivated and carefully selected (national and international) candidates on a fifteen-day national odyssey, introducing them to the

unsung heroes of India. The aim is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit – both social and economic by exposing the youth to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India’s developmental challenges.

The Journey

The Journey commences each year on Christmas Eve. The 2012 Yatra started on 24December, 2012 and will last till the 8th of January (15 days) covering 12 locations through the following route. Here's the route it covers:

The Selection

The selection process to participate on the Yatra itself is designed to reach out to a national cross section of youth from the deep interiors of our country. It is conducted through an extended Awareness Campaign spanning seven segments of media including print, posters, web, radio, television partnerships and the alumni network.

Those within the age group of 20-25 yrs who demonstrate an inclination towards building India through Enterprise are invited to apply as ‘Yatris’; and those above 25 yrs with relevant entrepreneurial experience and leadership skills apply as ‘Facilitators’. The balance in diversity is crucial to the conceptualization of the Yatra. 43% are from urban centers while 57% are from villages and tier-two towns. 40% are women while 7% of the Yatris are international. Representation is ensured from all States of India. Of the 18,000 applications that are received each year, 450 are chosen for the journey.

What constitutes the Yatra?

The Yatra constitutes experiential learning upon 4 axes - Role Model Visits, Yatri Interactions, Panel Discussions and Biz Gyan Tree

Role Models

The train stops at 12 locations cautiously handpicked across the country to personally meet exceptional change-makers who are transforming India. These “real heroes” are champions of change in multiple fields and have showcased sustained success with high social impact.

These year's lineup:

Dr.S. Aravind (Madurai)- Chief Medical Officer, Aravind Eye Care

Bunker Roy (Tilonia, Rajasthan)- Founder, Barefoot College.

Anshu Gupta (Delhi)- Founder, Goonj.

R. Elango (Chennai)- Kuthumbakkam Model Village

Joe Madiath (Bhubaneshwar, Orissa)- Gram Vikas

Arbind Singh (Patna)- Founder, Nidan

Yatri Interactions

Platform and compartment exercises through facilitator led groups, collaborative presentations, lecture theatres on board and the sheer interaction between the unique and extremely enthusiastic Yatris makes for the real worth of the journey. Being in close company of 450 hundred like-minded peers with diverse backgrounds, the mutual learning as one traverses through the landscape of the country, networking, motivation and support mark the most important value-addition for an aspiring change-maker.

Panel Discussions

Apart from visiting role models, a series of panel discussions are positioned to stimulate thinking on topical issues ranging from women enterprises to rural regeneration, from financial models for emerging start-ups to ethics and leadership.

Biz Gyan Tree

Purpose driven enterprises will thrive only when exposed to the reality of India. During Biz Gyan Tree, workshop environment is provided where the participants, in a rural setting, can interact with the local people, under the guidance of local experts, to

understand their social and economic need. Based on the interactions, the participants create the initial stages of a plan which is further developed through a residency in rural India. The focus is on seven verticals and three horizontals – Agro, Water, Energy,

Education, Healthcare, Housing, Manufactuting.

The Impact

Upon the assessment of the last four years, the Jagriti Yatra has had an immediate impact on its 1600 odd participants. From data collated from the feedback forms, the measurable impact has been witnessed to nearly over 120 new enterprises set up by the Yatra Alumni in 2008, 09 and 10. About 45% alumni now actively support social initiatives, 30% alumni have joined a social enterprise as a career, 20% volunteer to organize the next Yatra and 100% alumni felt that the Yatra succeeded in its goal of “awakening the spirit of enterprise."

Stay tuned for learnings from individual sessions.