Indian tech product startup emo2 releases its new 'emo2 Anywhere' OS and Cloud platform at the 2013 International CES

Indian tech product startup emo2 releases its new 'emo2 Anywhere' OS and Cloud platform at the 2013 International CES

Saturday January 12, 2013,

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Indian tech product company emo2 is an angel funded start-up with its development team in the US and India and backed by a bunch of technologists. emo2 recently introduced its new emo2 Anywhere multi-user multi-touch interaction OS and Cloud platform at the 2013 International CES. This is a solution for large scale deployment and management of multi-user touch systems.

Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) piloted the earlier version of the emo2 solution in Bangalore. Overwhelming customer reaction excited the company to deploy 100 Emo2 software enabled tables across their stores and with the success on the back, they launched the new version. "With 'Anywhere', hardware is not the focus. Hardware can be hidden in any of the real-world objects such as tables and walls. Or it can even be our tablets and phones. At this point, we are concentrating on traditional businesses that can leverage the multi-user multi-touch interaction model that we have built," said Mir Abid Hussain, the c0-founder of emo2.

A typical business application of emo2 is a multi-user touch interface table in a cafe, pub, lounge or a restaurant. This offers businesses an opportunity to engage with their customers at a whole new level.

"emo2 Anywhere was built because the existing operating systems do not address the need for multi-user collaboration. 'emo2 Anywhere' (built on its patent pending technology) is the first OS to enable multiple users to interact with a plurality of applications simultaneously. Users, with the help of multi-touch can now share and collaborate with simple gestures," said Mir. Most of the solutions currently exist for personal computers but emo2 leverages the cloud to provide a more scalable solution.

The patent pending emo2 hardware technology was conceived with the desktop market prices in mind and hence, one of the important considerations was affordability. Each 21.5" unit will be priced at less than USD 2000 which is competitive considering its target market.

The larger vision of emo2 is to bring the 'Anywhere' goodness to areas like education, healthcare and architecture where traditional computing has failed. While the Emo2 team will be focusing on the OS, they are looking at third-party developers and partners to implement custom solutions for specific domains using the Cloud platform and the emo2 SDK.

Website: emo2

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