Helping create 10,000+ mobile websites, Moably now licenses mobile website builder technology [Offer inside]

Helping create 10,000+ mobile websites, Moably now licenses mobile website builder technology [Offer inside]

Wednesday January 09, 2013,

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Moably is a US based mobile technology tool that allows one to create mobile websites. Having launched in May 2011, Moably has created more than 10,000 mobile websites till now and is now licensing their technology. What this means is that anyone can get their own white label mobile website builder and offer a D.I.Y. mobile solution to their current and future clients. For $200 per month, anyone can get their own version of Moably with their logo, custom CSS, and their own website address.

Currently, between 10%-15% of website traffic are people using mobile devices and this trend is only on the rise. “We have determined that the fastest way for us to raise awareness in regards to the importance of mobile websites is to use a bigger net. That’s why we are licensing our technology. This allows us to reach a larger audience at a faster pace. Plus, this gives people that license our technology an unlimited income potential. It’s a win-win for everyone. “, says Adam DesAutels, Founder & CEO of Moably.

Moably is offering an exclusive offer to YourStory readers. For only $95 per month (reg. $200/mo), you can now start your own mobile website builder business. Email [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.

We got in touch with Adam to know more:

YS: When did you launch and how many clients does Moably have?

AD: Moably launched in May 2011 and has created over 10,000 mobile websites to date.

YS: Who is your typical customer?

AD: We offer a number of account types that focus on customers that want to convert their website into mobile to developers and development companies that want to build a large amount of mobile websites using our system.

YS: How did the offer with Indian developers work?

AD: Are you seeing some traction from India? - The previous offer did pretty well. We have clients in 168 countries and the last promotion bumped the number of Indian clients to the top 5 of 168 countries.

YS: Tell me a bit more about the new development. What is the difference then and now?

AD: Up until this point we've had three account types and we just added a fourth. Our new account type is a little different than the others, it allows people to create their own White Label Mobile Website Builder (their brand, plus our technology).

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