Riding on a $500k investment, startup Reduce Data will help companies reduce advertising spends

Riding on a $500k investment, startup Reduce Data will help companies reduce advertising spends

Tuesday February 26, 2013,

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Asif Ali

Many technopreneurs who have made it big in US have a thing in common: they tend to be college dropouts. Another such star dropout is the founder of Reduce Data, Asif Ali who’s been in the technical field for over 14 years now. Asif started Reduce Data when he identified the need gap that small businesses had in understanding the mobile platform and online advertising. Ali explains, “Small businesses manage their online advertisement manually and are unaware of its potential and return-on-investment (RoI). To reap the maximum advantage of online ads, I have built a real-time platform that provides complete analytics along with bringing automation into the whole campaign.” They help clients reduce their spending on ads and hence the name Reduce Data.

Started in October 2012, Reduce Data has launched its beta version which can be used by the customers as a free trial version. Asif had earlier stints with a ZestADZ Mobile Advertising Network and ThreeSixty Technologies as its co-founder and has experience of working on mobile and gaming platforms.

Reduce Data provides a basic ad serving capability through which it tracks data at impression level in real time. Using this, an independent audit is performed to provide several standard reports to the advertiser, which can give an accurate picture of impressions, conversions and clicks received by the online ad, among others. What this means is that the advertisers need not use excel sheets (which many small & medium advertisers and agencies do today) to measure their results. “The primary problem that we are trying to solve is that of ads spend waste. We want to help audit ad spends, identify and eliminate ad waste.” Reduce Data aims to provide at least 30% improvement in ROI i.e. indirectly in saving by identifying media waste. Ad waste is a generic term used by the media industry for scenarios where the ad spends is not utilized correctly. This would include fraud clicks, untargeted traffic, ads not being shown correctly despite being charged and ads being shown sites which can be detrimental to the brand such as pornographic or site with adult content.

Asif says Reduce Data is efficient and cost effective in a market flooded with tracking tools like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Webtrends and comScore. Explaining their USP, Asif says, “Say Company A and Company B are online stores selling laptops and both want to advertise on a particular social media site. But if a user has already bought a laptop online from Company A, we would ask Company B not to post the same ad on that particular user’s page. This prevents unnecessary clicks and increases the RoI. We want the ads to target new customers every time rather than the same one.”

Reduce Data charges its clients 10% of Cost per thousand Impression (CPM). And in cases where the budgets of the client are not so significant, then they charge a flat price of 10 cents per click. Today the startup has got advisors onboard for assistance and has already signed up Nazara Technologies, Interactive Avenues, Collingmedia (US) Blitzmedia (US) as clients.

Reduce Data comprises of a 12-member team which includes their offshore team in Chennai. The company has already got its first round of funding of $500,000 from private investors based in US. Asif wants to make Reduce Data a powerful tool that helps advertisers automatically optimize their campaigns. For startups looking to save cost, Reduce Data could give you an option.

Website: Reduce Data

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