F-Commerce is hanging in, Inscripts Software launches SellMojo (free sign up for women today)

F-Commerce is hanging in, Inscripts Software launches SellMojo (free sign up for women today)

Friday March 08, 2013,

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F-Commerce stands for facebook commerce, the glowing opportunity of converting all those facebook fans into customers. Taking birth in 2010, the concept was received with buoyant spirits but that soon started to deflate in a couple of years. This article and this and many more suggested how brands were shutting down their Facebook stores because people didn’t want to buy on Facebook, they just wanted to like, share and comment.

The basic premise was that people aren’t comfortable sharing payment information on social networks and they’d rather do it on the seller’s website. These were the trends in US and like many, it hit India (emerging markets) a year later. Exprestore recently raised an angel round and in a new development, Mumbai based Inscripts (software company with over 20,000 clients in over 20 countries) launched SellMojo to allow users to setup stores on Facebook.


SellMojo is started by Anant Garg, Anuj Garg and Nameet Potnis. Nameet tells us, “Yes, F-Commerce has been under dark clouds but my hypothesis is that it hasn’t been done right. All the big stores closed down primarily because they put up thousands of products online and there were no efforts to make it easier for the user.” SellMojo relies on user experience and making helps the user make choices with lesser options and better layouts. SellMojo also allows the seller to open up his/her website within the website.

"SellMojo is a unique social commerce platform, offering businesses the opportunity to sell to their customers with fun, accessibility, and ease within Facebook," is how they explain the company. Today, being the international Women's Day, the company is offering stores for all women entrepreneurs for free (check out our infographic about women entrepreneurship in India). Check out a demo store here.

On a regular basis, SellMojo has three plans, Basic, Starter and Pro starting at INR 999/month but the basic plan only has COD option. Online payments are enabled for the other two plans.

In India, we are far from concluding that F-Commerce is waning or dead. Get your shop on SellMojo. And as a consumer, do share your views on buying via Facebook stores.