Kyron Accelerator To Invest in 500 startups In Next Five Years. Announces First Batch

Kyron Accelerator To Invest in 500 startups In Next Five Years. Announces First Batch

Monday March 04, 2013,

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In recent months we have seen a lot of accelerators and incubators taking birth in the Indian startup eco-system. How these will impact and create a difference is yet to be seen, but one accelerator that caught our attention recently was Kyron. The word Kyron has its roots in the Greek mythology and is derived from “Chiron”, the learned mentor of Greek heros like Jason, Medus, Achilles.


The ideology shaping Kyron accelerator is the inspiration from Taleb’s “The Black Swan” – the impact of the highly improbable. Black Swan’s are outliers and bring with them an element of surprise, also create massive impact in the process. Initiated by some of the biggest names in the industry like Lalit Ahuja, John Cook, Dr.Thomas Duening and Sundi Natarajan. Founding team at Kyron includes Arjuman Amjad and Sharona Dougherty. Here we will take you through what Kyron intends to do over the next few years and what it has to offer:

Headquartered in Bangalore, Kyron intends to invest in over 500 companies through the next five years across India, USA, China, Argentina, Czech Republic and Malaysia.

What works in favour of Kyron?

Clearly, the team behind the accelerator. Lalit Ahuja, who began his career in Indian Navy and then went on to become a successful entrepreneur (from bootstrap to exit, he has lived the cycle himself) and as the CEO of some of the Fortune 500 ventures, has entered this space with an aim of giving back to the Indian entrepreneurial eco-system and bring global finesse to how we do acceleration.

What does Kyron have to offer?

Lalit Ahuja
Lalit Ahuja

In return for 10% equity stake in startups, the four-month accelerator will provide the following – $10,000 in cash, $20,000 in business services (including dedicated CXO team which will act as an inhouse resource) and a vast portfolio of enterprise business services in areas such as HR, finance, legal, marketing and IT. In addition, Kyron will provide perks of significant commercial value (such as software licenses, hardware, consulting services) from its partners. More importantly, design, UI, UX will be a key area of support for the startups, and as part of the acceleration startups will be given infrastructure support in the form of real estate (this will be a 24 *7 space with amenities available round the clock)

We saw the facility at Indiranagar and it has all the making of a global infrastructure.

First batch of startups

Admirch Media Labs (Bangalore) - Admirch enables users to share content with people of similar interest and earn through a multi-level affiliate advertizing structure covering various channels such as SMS, Email and Display Ads.

Dronna (Bangalore) - Dronna is an ecosystem based on trust and influence, that helps you make important decisions. These decisions could be related to buying products, finding reliable services, recommendations related to travel or even day-to-day small, useful experiences that could be invaluable when needed.

MyWindow (Nagpur) - A site that can be used by individuals to introduce themselves to the world using the internet. The site allows you to share and sell your creations online without creating an online store.

DigiCollect (Bangalore) - Offers a customizable, mobile data collection application “DIGI COLLECT” that integrates with GIS visualization & decision support system to help organizations transform collected data into decision enabling knowledge.

LinkMySupport (New Delhi) - LinkMySport connects sportsmen, event organisers, sports venues and brands to provide convenience and opportunities to local sports community online.

GetOut (Brazil) - GetOut introduces extreme sports and eco tourism. The startup wants to create a vibrant community of adventure sports enthusiasts to explore new places together. GetOut also offers deals on purchase of equipment, group buying for adventure trips.

BuzzAnyTime (Mumbai) - BuzzAnyTime is an innovative semi automated mobile search engine with human intelligence. They are the first company in India to combine human intelligence to traditional search engines.

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