The Great Indian 'Startup Culture' Series Roundup

30th Apr 2013
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April 27, 2013 was witness to the biggest startup jobs extravaganza in India- The Startup Jobs Fair. Launching the campaign to test the waters, we quickly realized the potential and the need for such an event which made us scale it up. 26 very impressive high growth startups came on board to hire and became a part of the campaign. Numbers spoke for themselves as we had more than 4000 registrants who turned up on event day.


Here is what happened at the event and the fact that startups hired on the spot was a huge testimony for the quality of applicants. Here, we briefly look back at all the stories we did as a lead up to the Startup Jobs Fair. Sit back and enjoy:

(Listed alphabetically)

1) Aurus Networks: Started by an unconventional, Led by The exceptional


2) Babajob: A tech company with a social impact, creating jobs for the informal sector


3) Canvera: Building technology to help the masses capture and store memories


4) Capillary: Scaling to 400 employees in 5 years! What powers Capillary?

Fooze Ball

5) CloudByte: For the people looking for more than a job!

6) Commonfloor: Find out what you have in common with them


7) Dexetra: Creators of Iris and people with extraordinary vision


8) Druva: A young team building products for the globe


9) Freecharge: A culture that fosters technical and human excellence

Work at the Freecharge office

10) Freshdesk: A fresh idea, a fresh business, and like a breath of fresh air

Freshdesk team with their families

11) Fusion Charts: The bootstrapped startup pride from Kolkata

Fusion Charts

12) GENWI: A startup that isn't happy with the Status Quo

13) InterviewStreet: Enter the developer's den with InterviewStreet

Team photo - interviewsreet

14) LensKart: A Place for the young and spirited

Work at Lenskart

15) Mobstac: Small team, Big Impact

MobStac Cover

16) Plivo: An open source startup with more of an open culture


17) Quikr: The 400+ member team that makes the nation go Quikrrr...

Diwali Puja at Quikr
Diwali Puja at Quikr

18) RapidValue: Do you need speed?

Life At RapidValue

19) redBus: From delivering tickets manually, to selling 1.5 crore tickets online


20) ScaleArc: Scale your professional life!

ScaleArc_At_Della_Adventure (1)

21) TastyKhana: What's in this big giant tiffin box?

The TastyKhana Team
The TastyKhana Team

22) [24]7: A BPO that branched out into making cutting edge products


23) Unbxd: Where life is like an open box

Dressed appropriately in a jungle means this was an impromptu road trip on a weekday

Power to all of them!

Note: Circumstances didn't allow us to cover BloomReach, Mobikon and Knolskape who were also a part of the Startup Jobs Fair.

Do get in touch with us for any kind of information and we'd be back with the Startup Jobs Fair 2014!

Not to mention, A camera shy company

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