'Navigate to fun' with SocialAppsHQ's Navigale

'Navigate to fun' with SocialAppsHQ's Navigale

Thursday May 09, 2013,

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Rajat Garg, Founder & CEO, SocialAppsHQ
Rajat Garg, Founder & CEO, SocialAppsHQ

“Our apps are used by over half a million Facebook pages and the number is increasing by 3,000 every day,” spoke Rajat Garg, Founder, SocialAppsHQ about two years ago, while talking about their traction then. The team at SocialAppsHQ then went ahead and produced two cloud-based plug-and-play Facebook apps named My Restaurant and Real Estate, post which they came up with apps Hotels and Photo Contests, and before they ventured out with the latest app Navigale, they'd tried their hands at an ecommerce app for Facebook.

With Navigale this "all-in-one social media marketing platform" has taken a new step. NaviGale is a fun and interactive way to get connected with people around you.

Have you ever wondered who is in the same Metro with you or, the same flight? Now you can navigate to like-minded people near you, and connect with them. One can share as well as chat and make new connections. As you go about your day it runs quietly in the background. Hence, you don’t have to stick to it all day long, it’ll notify you when your friends or other interesting people are nearby or are trying to connect with you. You can easily chat with your friends, send unlimited free messages, and see other's location and a lot more with NaviGale.


NaviGale's features include:

  • Get notified when friends and other interesting connections are nearby or messages you.
  • Chat, send free Messages / SMS to people nearby as well as any of your friends in contact book
  • See exact location of people nearby using GPS (or, other) and use a compass to navigate to them.
  • Manage your privacy with easy-to-use controls
  • Ping your friend and tell him/her about the meeting nearby

On a more general note, SocialAppsHQ allows customers to listen & monitor for any keyword across the web using Social Media Monitoring, engage via Social Planner and run viral campaigns using their Facebook App store. And, Navigale as an app is leveraging this technology and expertise in a new manner.

NaviGale is free to download and is available for all the Android users.

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