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Tools for SMEs to simplify the hiring process: Startup G2G

Tools for SMEs to simplify the hiring process: Startup G2G

Sunday May 19, 2013 , 3 min Read

Big corporate organizations, startups, SMEs all face one common problem – whom to hire and how do to it effectively as per the needs of the company. Corporates can put aside huge budgets but SMEs and startups can’t take the same liberty. The time and efforts needed to find the desired employee is a pain point as well.  The founding team of seven members at Get2Galaxy - g2g, a cloud based platform which provides tools to simplify the hiring process, is trying to address these crucial need of SMEs and startups.

Get2Galaxy, founded in 2012 and a team of 15 today, is trying to provide an end to end hiring platform to connect organizations and job seekers. It provides an online cloud based platform where companies can post and manage job descriptions, set up criteria for applying, get assessment options for various skills, manage and filter candidates, communicate with them and finally make an offer. Companies can customize their hiring process too using flexible workflows and customizable assessment tests. Third party assessment tools can be integrated, niche game based and analytic assessments can be developed and companies can integrate a jobs widget into their website or Facebook page as well.

G2G Team

A member of founding team, Thejas Gupta says, “We want to enable opportunities for people with talent but without access to the right jobs which is mostly the case with Tier 2 and 3 cities job seekers. They face a lot more challenges in connecting to the right job profiles as compared to metropolitan and Tier 1 cities people.“ The intention behind Get2Galaxy is to reduce the struggle which people face for getting their first jobs. Though the inspiration came from smaller city’s job seekers’ problems, it is a platform for everyone and not specific to small cities.By connecting SMBs and startups to the right talent they are trying to provide access to a large pool of talented people to companies which do not have the exorbitant budgets and time at hand to reach them.

This is Subramanyam Kasibhat aka Subbu’s fourth venture, after Aureole Technologies Pvt LtdViolet3d and Contineo, for which they won the first 5 lakh grant from “The Power of Ideas Contest” in 2012. The team worked closely with 100+ colleges in Tier2 cities and 20 companies to analyze the challenges on both the ends. They have close connections with placement centers of colleges and all the marketing has been done just via the word of mouth till date.

Thejas says “Our platform has been used by 45+ companies till date and has 55,000 registered users for entry level jobs.” In 3 weeks since the launch, 10 colleges have signed up to leverage the platform. They are providing the tool for free to startups which are not making revenues. For other companies or colleges which want to recruit online, it is available at a price of INR 5,000 per hiring event. They charge $20/month for unlimited job postings and $100/assessment for the job widget on website or facebook page. They are open to partnering with startups or SMEs providing niche assessment apps, expert consultants for conducting interviews or building custom assessment.

Indian companies like interviewstreet and HackerEarth provide platforms for hiring programmers. Get2Galaxy’s vision is to provide an end to end hiring platform, of which assessments are a part, spanning across all job domains and not just IT or software jobs but currently the platform has majority of these.