Want to become a Twitter celebrity? Try out TwitterCelebs @bluegape

Want to become a Twitter celebrity? Try out TwitterCelebs @bluegape

Thursday May 09, 2013,

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bluegape is a fan merchandising store that allows an individual to create his or her own customized products. In a recent announcement, the company raised a seed round from Aniket Khera and Rahul Bhatia. Things seem to be moving fast on bluegape's end and today, they've launched TwitterCelebs @ bluegape.


This tool allows any individual to become a Twitter celebrity and have their tweets printed on merchandise. Well, not just anyone because you need to cross two filters to become a TwitterCeleb @Bluegape.

1) Your celebrity score should atleast be greater than 200 to start the Fan Store with bluegape (which bluegape counts)


2) The content creation team check the quality of your tweet with respect to possibility of printing on a merchandise.

A really interesting move from bluegape, efforts like these go a long way in maintaining a buzz and build towards the vision of building a platform to have licensed products from brands all over and if the user doesn't find what s/he's looking for, it can be customized.

Founder Sahil Baghla credited the idea for this move to Aloke Bajpai, founder of iXiGO.com, who advises bluegape.

Go, try it out, see if you're a Twitter Celeb. I'll be waiting to tweet some kick ass thoughts before I submit my top tweets.


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