Ahmedabad based iView Labs goes high on gesture based technologies

Tuesday June 04, 2013,

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With the advent of modern technologies, the boundaries of imagination have been stretched. Launched in September 2012, iView Labs is a firm based out of Ahmedabad dabbling in such technologies to deliver hi-tech interactive products, services and system integration solutions.


The husband-wife duo behind the firm

iView was started by the husband-wife duo of Siddharth and Meena Shah. Siddharth, holding an MBA and an engineering degree has worked with firms like Aerolex and Motilal Oswal before starting up on his own. With sound knowledge of finance and sales, he heads the same at the firm. Meena Shah, a computer science graduate, has worked with big names like BenQ and Atos Origin and heads the product development team at iView.




The Product

Expatiating in detail about the gesture and movements based technology; they have used the Microsoft Kinect sensor technology for the same. Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs. Standing right in front of PC Cam, the sensor will recognize gesticulates and send enjoins to the controller which will switch on the lights. Going ahead with the same technology, iView offers hosts of multi touch gaming solutions.

iView has devised such path breaking technology for jewelers too. Customers like to try different jewellery at the showroom- With iView’s technology, a customer could select all the jewelry that it likes and put it in the virtual kitty. The customer then standing in front of the mirror can alter the jewelries without actually changing the jewelry. Only the appearance at the mirror will change, which will help the customer choose his product.

The interactive screen and window display systems are put to use in malls, shopping centres for advertising, theme parks, corporate showrooms etc. As a part of providing solutions in the educational field, iView has devised interactive Whiteboards. It is connected to a computer and projector, the computer desktop is projected onto the board’s surface where user takes control using a pen, finger or other device. The content can be stored after the session and can be retrieved when needed. iView is also engaged in building mobile apps for its customers.

iView’s clientele list boasts of big names like K.P. Sanghvi Jewelers, Alcon Laboratories, Biocon and Torrent etc. iView presently works with a team of 10 people and are operationally profitable. Having broken even, the firm is now looking for good investors, advisors and mentors. The firm showcases its technology at the malls, multiplexes and consumer stores and various outlets

What next?

“We wish to develop a natural user interface for the next generation. A simple gesture can perform handful of operations. We are also in process of developing technology for smart devices making the current electronic consumer products more intelligent. Be it the refrigerator, TV or Air conditioner, we want all the functions to be performed by gestures,” explains Meena on what lies next in the path.

Website: iView

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