Blue Bus Tees raises capital from Deesan Group

Blue Bus Tees raises capital from Deesan Group

Thursday July 25, 2013,

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Pranav Kapur and Abhir Khanna and founded Blue Bus Tees back in 2009 with a focus on tee shirts having witty slogans. The firm has been chugging along and in an announcement today, they have raised capital from the Deesan Group. The amount of funding has not been disclosed but Pranav said that the money will be used to launch the baby wear segment and part of it would also be used to relaunch the women's wear segment.The founder had been in the family business of apparel and had started up when they wanted to bring in a breath of fresh air into the business. Blue Bus Tees has had a strong offline play as well and that money has been used to propel the online business. They've had the "design your own t-shirt" segment which feature has been recently into news because of Alma Mater's Play as well.

The Deesan Group is a vertical textile company located at Shirpur in North Maharashtra and it has brought progress and prosperity to this drought prone and industrially backward region. The company has also started investing in similar verticals and Blue Bus Tees is a foray in that direction. All the manufacturing for BBT would happen at the Deesan Group's unit henceforth. BBT is selling around 1000 units a month online currently.

"After getting featured on YourStory last year, we were invited to IIM-A and that had set the ball rolling faster for us," says Pranav. The Mumbai based duo now have their eyes set on expanding the business and marketing more aggressively to increase their footprint.

Website: BBT

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