Chandigarh-based Avenue Renewable Energy helps corporates set up solar power plants

Chandigarh-based Avenue Renewable Energy helps corporates set up solar power plants

Monday July 29, 2013,

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Energy consumption has been increasing in India at an unprecedented rate, even as we are dependent on nonrenewable sources such as coal and petroleum products to generate energy for us, though government and startups are making attempts to foster the use of renewable and green sources of energy. According to an industry estimate, billions of dollars worth of investment in clean technology and green energy are eyeing India, where the market for less carbon emitting technology is expected to touch $135 billion by 2020.


To tap such market, Chandigarh-based Avenue Renewable Energy helps corporates and big organisations to set up solar power plants and generate electricity. “Our process is to first understand the requirements, then design the systems, and execute the projects, as also further going up to the operation of plants by our engineers,” said Gaurav Bikram, co-founder, Avenue Renewable Energy.Besides incorporating solar plants, the startup takes care of whole lifecycle of the projects such as maintenance, proper utilization of available spaces to selection of specified equipment to give the best outputs.

So far the company has done projects for more than dozens of clients such as Airport Authority of India (Safdarjung), Reliance, Maruti, Indian Railways, and Lanco. Talking about thoughts behind launching Avenue Renewable Energy, Bikram said, “I had a very keen interest in the green technologies for a long time and was thinking of doing something in the same field, so finally I started off."

As usual in startup journey, initial days for Bikram and other founders were full of struggle. However Bikram says “Traits of being an entrepreneur is to survive through tough times and overcome them”. In future the startup foresees a huge growth potential in the renewable energy space in the country as the government of India has set the target of 20,000MW electricity generation through renewable sources.

With a 16-member team, Avenue Renewable Energy plans to develop its own plug & play power plants of smaller capacities for domestic users which will be affordable. In addition, the company is also looking to expand its network in the UAE and European markets.