[CloudStory] AWS Acknowledges India Growth by Setting up Edge Locations

[CloudStory] AWS Acknowledges India Growth by Setting up Edge Locations

Monday July 29, 2013,

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While not exactly a region, Amazon has announced the availability of the edge locations for their CDN and DNS service called Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53 respectively. This particularly boosts the performance of media and content driven websites hosted on AWS.


Content Delivery Network or CDN takes the content like images, videos, CSS files and scripts and caches them across an array of servers spread all over the globe called as edge locations. When a customer accesses the website, his browser will automatically gets routed to the nearest edge location to fetch the content. This offers better experience by reducing the latency between the browser and the origin of the content. For example, when a customer in India accesses a website hosted in the USA, all the static content will be fetched from a location within India while the dynamic content is rendered and delivered from the original location which is USA. With today’s announcement, AWS has launched not just one but two edge locations in Mumbai and Chennai. This brings the overall count of AWS global edge locations to 42. Existing AWS customers from the media vertical including Hungama, Zenga Media, NDTV and others will benefit from this as it offers better response rates to their customers. Global customers of AWS will take advantage of this by tapping into the new edge locations.

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