Enter the Start Tel Aviv 2013 competition & learn from the startup eco-system of Israel

Enter the Start Tel Aviv 2013 competition & learn from the startup eco-system of Israel

Friday July 26, 2013,

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Israel is a very young country, just 65 years old, with a very small population of only 8 million people. But through its human capital, Israel generates more start-up companies than many other large industrial nations like Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada, France etc.

Tel Aviv is one of the world's leading innovation hotspots and the epicenter of Israel’s startup ecosystem activities. To encourage startups, share knowledge and experiences from across the globe and boost the global startup eco-system, Israel's ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel Aviv Global City, TLV CAMPUS, POWERED BY GOOGLE in association with country based partners, Tie Delhi-NCR in India, are holding “Start Tel Aviv”.


“Start Tel Aviv” is an International competition in the framework of which startups from different countries will compete for the opportunity of a 5 day intense startup experience to learn from the startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv.Participating countries this year include UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, India, China, Korea, Mexico, and Colombia.

The prize is a paid trip where the 13 startup founders winners from around the world, joined by local Israeli entrepreneurs, will participate in lectures, workshops and meetings with leading Israeli investors and professionals. "Start Tel Aviv" will take place during the DLD Festival week, and participants will have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.

Visit here to know more about the competition and apply here

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