Venture funded healthcare startup Medical SECOND OPINION launches its web portal

Venture funded healthcare startup Medical SECOND OPINION launches its web portal

Tuesday July 23, 2013,

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Sachin Chaudhary was born in Haridwar, India and has been to several parts of the country for schooling and a decade long corporate life. He studied Hospital Management at Indore University and went to IIM-Calcutta for his MBA after which he gathered some experience in the Healthcare IT industry working with firms like Goodroe Healthcare-US, Fortis Healthcare-India and IVEN Capital among others. Sachin came back from the US a few years ago because he wanted to come back to the country he was born in and settle down here.

While exploring, Sachin noticed some of the gaping holes in the healthcare industry India and decided to startup plug a few. He started his research and laid the foundation to startup Medical SECOND OPINION in December 2012. The problem he had zeroed in on was second opinions and thus he started a healthcare company that offers face-to-face & platform based second opinion by aggregating best of the clinicians (India & International) from leading brand hospitals. The company offers its services by leveraging two connected healthcare platforms (Portals) and a Physical OPD network across India and international geographies:

1.       Medical SECOND OPINION (

2.       Corporate Wellness (

3.       Physical OPD network across Jaipur, Chennai, Indore and many other places


Being from the space gave Sachin the advantage in terms of a strong network and he was able to rope in Ajoy Khandheria, the Managing Partner at GAP VC, Singapore as a co-founder and investor. Looking at it from a broader perspective, Sachin says that they are trying to solve a few major problems- Discovery (who are the best doctors to seek second opinion), Access (connect leading doctors to the tier-2 & tier3 cities), Propensity (remove the unnecessary cost to make second opinion cost effective) and in the process, provide Knowledge empowerment.

The company is based out of Gurgaon and has a team strength of 20 (excluding doctors) with people in various cities across the country. “We have some of the best doctors in the country with us and this is a very strong differentiator for Medical SECOND OPINION,” says Sachin. The company follows American Medical Association guidelines and is striving to provide access to leading clinicians and secured Health Records using mobile application, web application, video and face-to-face consultation to its users.

MSO provides an Independent platform for corporate Wellness which brings the customized and co-branded portal for each corporate. This B2B aspect brings in 80% of the revenues for now but the plan is to scale up the other two channels significantly. 7 corporates have signed up for the offering while 10 more are in the pipeline. In terms of doctors, Sachin has been able to bring 50 top notch doctors across specialties on board and 100+ hospitals have joined the network.

“I aspire to build the largest and the most trusted healthcare interoperability platform, which can empower healthcare customers to seek second opinion from the healthcare leaders across the globe,” concludes Sachin.

Website: Medical SECOND OPINION

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