Huntshire introduces live projects to move towards becoming a talent engagement platform

Tuesday August 06, 2013,

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Founded by Vishnu Prasad, Shankar Ganapathy and Gaurav Gat, HuntShire began as a recruitment portal and has now expanded its horizon with the launch of new features to move towards becoming a talent engagement portal. A Tech30 2012 company, HuntShire has been conducting 'Public Hunts' for companies to recruit.


Huntshire is now a talent engagement platform that enables companies to use their employer brand, build a talent pipeline, engage with talent and hire the best among them. The employer branding page is like the backbone to all the actions in the platform. Companies can talk about their culture, achievements, benefits etc. and talent can follow companies. And in turn, companies get to build a pipeline of interested talent.

As a part of this, Huntshire has launched Live Projects via which companies can look for solutions via crowdsourcing from their talent community. The feature is being tested out and companies have been posting problems in Market Research, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Financial planning etc as problem statements for which talent can submit solutions.

Huntshire has 7 paying MNCs as its customers and is open to working with companies of any size.

Website: Huntshire

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