Plumb5 from Decisive Analytics Solutions: A real-time digital marketing platform


Decisive Analytics Solutions is a Bangalore-based startup founded in 2010 that makes marketing automation products. The company announced the launch of its real-time marketing platform, Plumb5 last month. Plumb5 is a customer marketing suite that provides end-to-end insights, engagement and personalization features. The platform helps enterprises, especially e-commerce and retail companies, to enhance conversion rates, campaign ROI’s and customer experience.The company has been founded by Veerendra HR, Vijay Chander and Shivaprasad M who have a total experience of over 75 years in various domains of technology, marketing and sales.

Currently, most of the websites and e commerce companies across the world (with an exception of few) witness an average of 4- 7% conversion rates, more than 40% bounce rates and over 40% shopping cart abandons. Plumb5 has entered into the market to help these companies increase their revenues, conversion, customer loyalty, while lowering their immediate costs.

Plumb5 focuses on being customer-centric rather than being data-centric, as the main idea is to tag customer intentions and behavior rather than just executing a marketing function. Plumb 5 is available as a SaaS, pay as you go model, and does not require companies to invest in IT infrastructure.

Plumb5 already has about 65 paid customers in India and the US and is gunning for more.

Website: Plumb5


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