[YS TV] Inside the Kyron Accelerator

[YS TV] Inside the Kyron Accelerator

Tuesday August 06, 2013,

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The Kyron accelerator's 16 week program has come to a conclusion. This is their first batch and we at YourStory.in thought it would be a good time to back the accelerator to ask what the startups' experience has been so far.


What we found at the Kyron Accelerator was that most of the startup were still using the Kyron infrastructure, despite the completion of their program. Of course, most of them were on their way out and life after Kyron was definitely on their mind, but not in a negative way. Many of them came into the program in a pre-POC stage and now they're leaving as much more evolved startups. Some startups have even expanded their team in during the program and some have even managed to acquire a paying customer base.

So who are these startups and how have they changed since Kyron? Read (and watch) on -


We go hold of two thirds of the BuzzAnyTime team, which has built (at least close to) a semi automated search engine with human intelligence. The team doesn't deny that they've taken on a tough problem. So, how have the past 16 weeks at Kyron helped them? Well here's what they had to say -


Another startup in the search realm, Dronna wants to build a contextual search engine. And to a large extent, they already have. Since the time we last covered them, Dronna has gone on to build and release it's mobile apps and they've got a lot of interesting updates for store. They will be moving to another working space, but they have expressed their fondness for Kyron. All that and more in this video -


Guppit was possibly one of the most matured startups that we saw at the Kyron accelerator. They're trying to build a a multi-level affiliate advertizing structure covering various channels such as SMS, Email and Display Ads. And they claim that it has already started seeing great traction. So why did they need Kyron in the first place? Here's what they said -


By far the biggest team at Kyron accelerator. Spatioviz had occupied most of Kyron's Indiranagar facility's ground floor and they seemed to be looking to outgrow it very quickly. And why not? They claim that their product Digicollect is also cracking some enterprise clients. So how has the Kyron experience been for them? Here's what they said -

A Kyron

Derived from the Greek legend Chiron, who is known to have trained heroes, Kyron's aim has been to unearth path breaking, disruptive startups, and make them fundable. At the end of the first batch, we caught up with Arjuman Amjad, who's been a part of the company's founding team. Here's what she had to say about their experience with the first batch -

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