Three words for entrepreneurs – Lakshmi Narayanan, President, TiE Chennai

  1. “For startups and entrepreneurs, there are three words that I can think of immediately. Two that are positive, and one that is important,” says Lakshmi Narayanan, President, TiE Chennai.Fear – This is something we all have experienced at some point of time. Professional fear is something that you should never experience. Fear is a word that cannot be explained; it is a feeling. Get that feeling out.
  2. Success – Success is achieving a certain goal. This is the second most important word.
  3. Jargon – This means any word that is not fear, or success. Many words and terminology are used to frighten the hell out of the entrepreneur. Just put them in a bucket called jargon, and say, “I can understand these words easily. But, to me, these are less important than success or fear.”


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