[TechSparks Speakers] Pallav Nadhani - the man behind the coolest charts in the world


He didn’t know how to sell and how to meet big fat numbers, today his product has 18,000 customers and 375,000 developers across 110 countries using it.

He didn’t know how company structure works, what policies or frameworks to follow, but today his venture serves majority of the Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Weather.com, Facebook, and NASA.

Potential customers and partners did not take him seriously, he was just 17. But everybody was wow-ed by his creation.

He was a techie, he had no idea how to deal with people, how to hire, how to build a team. Today, he has built a dedicated team working tirelessly with him.

This boy from Bhagalpur who started up in his teens, went on to create a multi-million dollar company.

Want to know how Pallav Nadhani charted his way to be on the top of everyone’s mind when they think of cool charts - the FusionCharts story?

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