From intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship – Pradhyumna Tiruvazhi Venkat, Founder, Caladium Systems

From intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship – Pradhyumna Tiruvazhi Venkat, Founder, Caladium Systems

Tuesday October 15, 2013,

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Intrapreneurship, according to Investopedia, means acting like an entrepreneur within a larger organisation. “The term is derived from a combination of ‘intra’ or internal, and ‘entrepreneurship.’ Intraprenuers are usually highly self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented people who are comfortable with taking the initiative, even within the boundaries of an organisation, in pursuit of an innovative product or service.”


Pradhyumna Tiruvazhi Venkat, Founder, Caladium Systems, reminisces that he has been fortunate to don the role of an intrapreneur through most part of his professional career. “Started three businesses from scratch and built them to the growth phase. Most importantly, all the three were among the emerging technologies, viz. Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) in 2001, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in 2003, and solar Photo Voltaic (PV) in 2008.” Product architecture and development have been an integral part of his work responsibility in the three ventures, adds Pradhyumna. In the interaction that follows, Pradhyumna shares with YourStory the details about his current venture.The venture

In my current and maiden entrepreneurial venture now, I am playing to my strengths and experience gained – designing a core technology platform to build products and offer services to the end-customer. More than what is to be done the right way, my experience has taught me things, mistakes and pitfalls to be avoided. I am putting to use all my learnings of the past – for instance, not to get carried away by the potential of a breakthrough technology, and the importance of pricing the product/ service to realise and ensure value for the client.


We focus on delivering e-services to the consumers using technology (Internet and mobile platforms) as a backbone, to improve the quality of delivery and making it convenient to access. We firmly believe that key to widespread adoption of electronic services lies in enriching the customer and user experience by providing a ‘wow’ factor.

We have recently launched consumer services in:

  • Events and functions – Through, we help users search, select, and book any kind of function hall (marriage hall, mini hall, banquet, party lawns etc.) for their personal, social, and corporate events.
  • Travel and tourism – Personalised pilgrimage planner and provider for over 300 temples; complete and customised package to suit one’s requirements with guaranteed quick darshan (in most of the temples) are highlights of our service.
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  • It’s not enough if we have a good idea; it’s important that we execute it to perfection.
  • The product/ service offered must deliver clear and demonstrable value to the client.
  • Operational profitability is key to start-up sustenance, success and growth.
  • Building a cross-functional “A” team is essential to scale-up the business.
  • It’s a marathon and not a quick sprint; nothing happens overnight; patience and perseverance pay.
  • It’s great to be passionate about what you do; but, it’s important to think through your mind and not through our heart.
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