Three words for entrepreneurs – Chitra Ravi, CEO, EZ Vidya

Three words for entrepreneurs – Chitra Ravi, CEO, EZ Vidya

Tuesday October 29, 2013,

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Chitra Ravi
  • Patience, impatience, and resilience – these are the three most important words for new entrepreneurs, from Chitra Ravi, CEO, EZ Vidya.Patience – You have to wait for your rewards. They come at the appropriate time.
  • Impatience – In this technology era, you need to bounce off your creative ideas on the go. You need the impatience to uplift the quality of whatever the mission you are in, as an entrepreneur.
  • Resilience – Build up the personality of bouncing back. I am talking about morning to evening kind of resilience!

Patience vs impatience

If you are too patient, you could lose the spirit of what you want to be doing. For example, in the domain I am in, that is, quality education, you have to be impatient to drive away mediocrity. If I am going to say, this is going to take a long time, it will take a long time. So, we need to hurry up, because in education, every year I could lose so many children who will be missing out on good education. That may be true in any field, right. Impatience.

And, patience, to reiterate, is important because entrepreneurial rewards take their time. So, if you want to make a quick buck and run away, that’s not the true entrepreneurial spirit.

EZ Vidya

EZ Vidya aims to deliver quality holistic education in Indian schools. Chrysalis, a solution from EZ Vidya, “is a transformational 21st century curriculum, technology and pedagogic solution adopted by progressive schools to create a learning environment that delivers quality holistic education to suit the 21st century needs,” informs the company site.

Chitra Ravi

Chitra, a management graduate, “combines her skills in conceptualisation, storyboarding and instructional design to deliver products and services which are dynamic and on par with any international curriculum standards.”

In her blog, Chitra reminisces, “I dabbled with music, dance, literature, banking, even modelling! And then I almost settled into the comfort of a ‘peaceful’ married life. But something made me push myself into a very, very uncomfortable zone… I became an entrepreneur! Life changed drastically… and I struggled between home, husband, kids, family and business! I loved the struggle and was determined to not just ‘balance’ between all my priorities but to live life to the fullest in all the spheres… I am still struggling and I still love it. Along my journey, I have met, lived with, and been inspired by several lovely people. If I am enjoying this struggle, it’s because of them. Life is beautiful and people make it so… I stopped writing diaries. I have begun to blog!”

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