Three words for entrepreneurs - Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO, Freshdesk

Three words for entrepreneurs - Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO, Freshdesk

Thursday October 03, 2013,

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Girish Mathrubootham
Girish Mathrubootham

One of the recipients of entrepreneurship awards at the recent CII Connect event was Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO, Freshdesk.

YourStory had featured Girish’s answers to 60 Seconds questions. So, this time, I had a different question to ask him: “Girish, what are the three most important words, according to you, for wannabe entrepreneurs?”

His site says, ‘Deliver exceptional customer service in 30 seconds.’ It was no wonder, therefore, that he finished the answer in just 8 seconds, thus: “Never ever quit. That’s all. Three words.”

Well, I was not quitting, yet; and, so, I persisted with Girish. “Three words, and a line of explanation of each.”

Hire smart, do smart things, be nice people, says Girish. “Hire smart.Build an A team. Don’t compromise on the quality of the people that you are assembling.”

If you have a smart team, and you are doing the right things, and if you are genuinely nice to people, you are bound to win, Girish assures.


The summary on Girish’s LinkedIn page reads, “Entrepreneur, Product Manager, Customer Support Manager & Marketer - passionate about customer support.” In a blog post, dated March 18, 2011, he writes, “I am 36years old, married and live with my wife and two boys in Chennai, India. This is the story of how I quit my comfortable job and launched my own startup. Hope you like it...”

In Girish’s tweets and retweets, you will find the boss connecting directly with customers, by saying things like, ‘There was an update yesterday. We will check immediately. Sorry for the trouble’; ‘Glad you like @freshdesk. Please let us know if you need any help’; and ‘Apologies for the delay in responding. Everything should be working fine now. The problem was fixed around 3:30 pm PST.’

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