Liz Centoni, Woman in Tech

Liz Centoni, Woman in Tech

Tuesday October 08, 2013,

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Liz Centoni, Woman in Tech

Born: Mumbai, India

Where she is today: Vice President, Cisco Systems

Unique Skillset: Build strong relationships with partners, team and clients

Best advice: Looking back, you will regret the opportunities you did not take

Liz Centoni has a unique background for a woman in technology. As a marketer with no tech background when Liz joined Cisco 14 years back, many people discouraged her to pursue a career in technology. But Liz felt that she was making a right choice, she listened to her heart and leaned in. Today, she is a Vice President and General Manager at Cisco. Liz believes that women bring a very unique and valuable skill-set to the table and they should be encouraged and promoted for what they bring to the table.

Liz believes that fear should not hold anyone back, she asks women to take charge of their lives and jump on opportunities to scale oneself.

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