Positive signs for Re-Commerce, YNew looking to expand

Positive signs for Re-Commerce, YNew looking to expand

Saturday October 05, 2013,

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When you want to sell your old mobile phone or that plasma TV, you may look to online classifieds sites like olx, Quikr etc. Though online classifieds has solved this problem to a large extent, some pains are still to be solved. The problems with these sites are many including but not limited to -

1) Physical travel to deliver/pick up your product, thus waste of precious time.

2) Once you buy a product, its your responsibility even if it stops working within one hour of getting delivered.

3) If the product is big (like a plasma TV) then only god can help you if the item gets damages during transit.

4) You never get to know whether the product you are buying is actually working or a quick-fix has been applied to it.


Who are theyWe introduced YNew earlier this year, who brings a fresh perspective on this issue while solving the core issues at hand. YNew calls themselves as a Re-Commerce platform (Repair/Recycle old products and sell them).

The best part of YNew is that each product is tested using over 13 different parameters by the engineers at YNew before it is put for sale, Thus making sure that you don't get a shabby product. And also since they offer door pick up and delivery so there is no chance of product getting damaged during transit.

Expansion Plans

After launching a pilot store in Hyderabad to check the offline model and feasibility, Dashradh Ram Nutakki (Ynew Co-Founder) is looking forward to open 9 more franchise stores by December 2013, which includes 5 stores in Bangalore and 4 stores in Hyderabad.

During Phase 1 of the expansion YNew stores will be spread across all five geographical zones of Hyderabad and more stores will be added depending on the market demand.

YNew Pilot Store
YNew Pilot Store

YNew has further plans to expand to 50 franchise stores by 2016. While Ram is very positive about the future, success of Re - Commerce is and how well it will catch with Indian market is something which only time will tell.

We wish YNew a great future ahead.

Click here to visit YNew.

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