[Proverb Of The Day] A person never gets tired working for himself

[Proverb Of The Day] A person never gets tired working for himself

Sunday November 03, 2013,

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Each day, YourStory focuses on one proverb with special relevance for startups and entrepreneurs in its daily feature, “Proverb Of The Day.” Proverbs over the centuries and millennia have made their mark with brief witty observations of human behavior which hold true throughout the ages. Today’s proverb comes to us from Russia, with its blend of Asian and European cultures.

Proverbs for Startups
A person never gets tired working for himself.
- Russian proverb


How goes one get true job satisfaction? How does one find meaning and fulfillment in work? This timeless question is relevant today as well, as graduates and employees question whether they are happy with their jobs and work-life balance. One answer is: work for yourself, or become your own boss, or start up your own company! In that case, the distinction between work and fun gets blurred, because you are doing what you want and enjoy it. If you yourself set the pace and direction for your work, then it ceases to be a struggle against someone else’s wishes. So go ahead – start up! You will never consider yourself tired again.

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