What tech startups can learn about content marketing from Akamai's 'State of the Internet' app

What tech startups can learn about content marketing from Akamai's 'State of the Internet' app

Monday February 10, 2014,

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Akamai Technologies is a cloud services provider to help enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences across devices. Founded in the late 1990's, the company has had a strong hold in the online content space. For the last six years, Akamai's State of the Internet Report has primarily been available as a PDF download or a printed report but last month, the company released a 'State of the Internet' iOS app.

Apart from the PDFs, map and graph based visualizations were also available but this app brings it all together on a mobile platform. The app provides interactive access to key State of the Internet metrics, updated alongside each quarter's report, including the ability to drill down on trends over time at a country level. Each new issue of the report is available through the app as it is published, and a library of past issues of the report is available as well. This is a great example of content marketing for a technology company. The app makes the information easier to consume and will also take it to the masses. For instance, a graphical representation about internet speeds in India would be of interest to many:

Country wise internet connection speeds
Drilldown for India
Drilldown for India

The key takeaways

The iOS application is a powered by Epictions, an intelligent content marketing platform being built from India. David Belson writes about the app on Akamai's blog and also hints towards an Android app but doesn't commit. The iOS app has seen more than 600 downloads in the first week after launch and the longevity of the information will keep the app useful for a long period of time.

One of the biggest challenges for a hardcore technology company is to take their brand to the masses. This is where content marketing can come in handy. For any domain, there is always a vast pool of information that can be curated and laid out in a manner that can be consumed by a wider audience. By doing this, you're offering something of value to the consumer and you're building your brand alongside.

Blogs have for a long time been a key area in content marketing but with changing times, different mediums are being added. A native app for a specific domain is a great way to package content, and many such alternatives are worth exploring.

In the case of the State of the Internet app, on launch, it directly takes the user to the information without wasting any time. This behaviour symbolizes the virtue of speed for which Akamai stands. The way your product or tool behaves can be the underlying principle of your company.

As the amount of content grows, packaging it aesthetically and meaningfully will be of essence. It'll be interesting to see how the content marketing space shapes up. Do you have any ideas or implementations that impressed you?

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