HomeTriangle: Your collaboration platform for home design, renovation and repair

HomeTriangle: Your collaboration platform for home design, renovation and repair

Tuesday February 11, 2014,

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Ramesh Chincholi and Dhirendra Pratap

Dhirendra Pratap and his father wanted to renovate their home interiors and decided to get the job done by an 'interior contractor' suggested by a local hardware shop. But after a week they realized that they didn't get what they were looking for. Ramesh Chincholi had bought a piece of land and planned to construct a house but found that his real problems had only just begun. The process of building a house to interior design is not easy.

The two friends, Dhirendra and Ramesh, who were techies at Komli Media, Bangalore, decided to come together to find a solution to their problems. “Having such bitter experiences in the past, we met a couple of industry experts and realised that it is a very un-organised sector,” says Dhirendra. This is how the seed for HomeTriangle was sown.

HomeTraingle wants to make a difference to the home owners who struggle to find the right help for their home improvement. “There is no dearth of home service professionals but there is this big problem to match the supply and demand. This is where we come in,” says Dhirendra. HomeTraingle is just three weeks into its launch and has 60+ professionals across India. HomeTriangle started out by approaching architects and home designers in Bangalore and now the listing is growing slowly and organically across the country.

For services like plumbing and carpentry, HomeTriangle has listed trusted service providers like JackOnBlock. The platform will be free for customers and business owners both. The revenue model will revolve around getting the bigger companies to promote their services. For instance, if Berger wants to promote its dealers for paint services, they can advertise on the platform. “We're also making a very strong internal search which will then help us have sponsored service providers. But the whole idea is not to build a revenue model around leads but on the bigger picture. There are numerous brands and corporates who'd love to showcase on a platform like this,” says Dhirendra.

The site is getting attention and the team tells us that the 'browse ideas' feature is catching up well. Business owners can showcase what they've done in this section. “Small service providers have a website but this platform helps them present themselves better and also improve on search,” says Dhirendra. The team is aiming to register diversified trusted professional on the website in all the Tier 1 cities and is in talks with a verification company as well.

HomeTriangle is completely bootstrapped and “wants to be a reliable member of every home to serve all kinds of home needs, just one click away,” says Dhirendra. Organizing an unorganized sector has a huge business potential but also comes with its own set of obstacles. HomeTraingle is still in its early days and it remains to be seen how it charts its way through the maze.

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