Why should you love your customers - Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches explains

Why should you love your customers - Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches explains

Monday March 24, 2014,

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In a recent interview from San Francisco, California, Murray Newlands talks to Aaron Schwartz from Modify Watches, a brand new, customizable watch product that has taken off over the last year and amassed an impressive fan base.

In the interview Aaron talks about Modify Watches’ growth, how he started the company, why it’s been successful, and more.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • Modify Watches started innocently enough back in 2010 as an after school hobby and eventually turned into a growing business. Aaron said that he and a friend were passionate about customizable watches, as well as having great customer service and they simply built their company around those two things. Modify Watches includes a handwritten note to each and every customer and also allows customers to get anything they want on the face of their watches.
  • Aaron said that as a startup, Modify Watches’ fans were really the company’s only marketing tool. Modify had little to no marketing budget, but because of their great customer service, their fans were ready and willing to tell the company’s story and portray them in a positive light to help them grow their customer base and become successful.
  • Later in the interview, Aaron gives his advice to other startups and founders. He says, to date, his biggest lesson learned was that he should’ve started earlier. “You’re going to make mistakes, you’re not going to know what you’re doing, whether it’s about team or your strategy or how you market, or your presence, and so the biggest lesson I’ve learned it that I should’ve started earlier.”

If you have any questions after watching the video, please leave them in the comments below!

To find out more about Aaron and Modify Watches, visit their website at http://modifywatches.com.


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