Confused about what to wear? Android app Styledotme gives advice when you need it


As a big shopaholic, Meghna Saraogi used to find it a nightmare when she had to go shopping alone. She would be completely confused about what looked good on her, and the options were either to ask the sales girl or send a photo via some social network and hope for a quick response from her friends.

“In the mornings, I would often wish I could ask friends about my daily choice of outfit so that I didn’t have to take ages dressing up. Imagine my state if I was dressing for a special occasion or a date,” says Meghna.

This pain prompted Meghna to launch Styledotme, which helps you get instant fashion advice from your friends when you really need it. When you're confused about what to wear or the right outfit to buy, the Styledotme’s Android app allows you to instantly poll your friends and followers and get them to help you by rating your choices.

Importantly, there is a timer with an SOS notification to let your friends know this is urgent. In addition, you can add image-enhancing filters to your photos, share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter and follow favourite celebrities, brands and bloggers.

Styledoteme was founded by Meghna and core team comprises of Amrit Rathi, Aref Kashani and Meghna. Meghna has done her BFA in applied arts from College of Arts, New Delhi, and a specialization in visual communications from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. Aref and Amrit have done engineering and became a part of Styledotme immediately after their academics.


Meghna felt that if she faces such a problem, surely there would be many folks out there like her who go through the same agony. “On top of it, I wanted to build something that would make life simpler for people and help them look really great,” adds Meghna.

USPs and differentiators

Live timer that reminds friends and followers of your deadline is Styledotme’s USP. “If someone needs urgent help, the timer notifications pop up on your phone just the way yours does on your friends’ phones when you’re in need,” says Meghna. The live timer running backward not only reminds your friends that time is running out and you’re waiting, but once the time is up you cannot vote on the post so people will be more prompt in replying.Targeted audience

“Anyone who loves to dress up, flaunt their buys, and are often confused what to buy, what to wear, and when to wear,” points out Meghna, listing her target audience. People, mainly girls and women who are in the age group of 16- 35 yrs, who use smartphones, hang out with friends and family and are passionate about their style and care about what they wear and how they look, are on the startup’s radar.

Launched in February this year, the app amassed close to 300 downloads with 200 active users sans any marketing initiatives.

Revenue model and plans to scale

The startup plans to tie up with brands and big malls where the user can tag the brands, place etc. “We will also provide instant help to users posting from that particular brand/ place and will get royalty from brands in return. Our service will make the brands more recognized and also create less hassle in the trial rooms,” reveals Meghna.

Besides this, the company plans to have in-house stylists and bloggers, which will help them solve customer’s confusion. This will be a premium service and a minimum charge will be applicable to avail this.


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