HappyFox launches HelpStack - an open source customer support tool for iOS developers

HappyFox launches HelpStack - an open source customer support tool for iOS developers

Monday May 19, 2014,

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Global customer support startup Happyfox has launched a new open-source mobile helpdesk software development kit, HelpStack. It helps iOS developers to provide easy-to-use support interface for their customers to reach out when they have any problems or want to leave some feedback.


The open-source features open up HelpStack to everyone (not just paid applications), perfect for the diverse and ever-changing mobile application world. With it, the developer community can collaborate to enhance its capabilities, and there is no restriction on the number of end-users or agents.

Importantly, HelpStack connects with all your favourite helpdesk solutions, including Happyfox, Zendesk and Desk.com.

“Mobile app ecosystem is becoming more complex, as end users expect instant in-app customer support while app developers – who offer products for free – cannot afford to own help desk applications that could enable such user engagement,” said Shalin Jain, CEO, Happyfox Inc.

The California-based company develops a multi-channel customer support help desk solution and competes with Zendesk and Desk.com.

According to recent data, around 90% of iOS applications released as free apps over the past couple of years, and mostly developed by small teams may not be using a full-blown help desk. HelpStack is their answer for in-app customers support solution that is extensible, scalable, cost-effective and accessible to all.

At present, it integrates with over 20 SaaS-based applications, including Salesforce and Google Apps, supports around 35 languages across iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. Known for its solid ticketing capabilities and simple user interface, Happyfox caters to the help desk needs of both traditional businesses and modern, high-tech corporations of all sizes.

Shalin Jain started Tenmiles (now Happyfox), a customer-support and help desk software from Chennai in 2000 while still in college. At 18, Shalin was totally driven by the passion to create products that are loved all over the world.

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