[Awesome Startup Employee] Vineet Sharma going places with ixigo

[Awesome Startup Employee] Vineet Sharma going places with ixigo

Saturday November 15, 2014,

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“Starving for perfection is what keeps me inspired.” Awesome Startup Employee, Vineet Sharma from ixigo is enthusiastic, committed, and keen to succeed. ixigo is an online and mobile travel search and planning website. It is the brainchild of Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar and was founded in 2007.

Vineet was nominated by Aloke Bajpai, Co-founder of ixigo, for several reasons. Be it his ability to learn quickly or master expertise in new areas or the speed and efficiency he displays in executing things.


Aloke reveals that Vineet reads a lot and follows latest trends on everything important related to their products.

He is able to take critical decisions on everything ranging from backend to UI and deployment. More importantly, Vineet is never shy of questioning the status quo and constantly experimenting with new stuff that can be game changers for our future.

The road to ixigo:

Hailing from a Hindi medium background, this IIT graduate from Roorkee graduated in 2008 and joined Accenture as a software engineer. After an 18-month stint at Accenture, he moved to a big product MNC as an application engineer. One month into it, Vineet was disappointed and frustrated with the complacent environment. 


Nine months later, he joined ixigo and is working as a Manager in product development. Vineet, who used to fly home every quarter, was introduced to ixigo by a friend. He was pretty impressed with the ixigo website. It so happened that one of his friends got a call from ixigo HR for a job opening. The friend refused the job but recommended Vineet instead. Vineet cleared the interview and joined as Senior Product Associate. The rest as they say is history.

Life at ixigo:

I still love solving complex problems just like any other coder. The most satisfactory thing is to sit with developers and help them fix critical issue in the middle of the night.His role also entails interacting with multiple teams and gaining deeper knowledge of the business/marketing world.

Vineet’s decision to join ixigo has been life changing. At ixigo, he has had ample opportunities to find his inner talent, and leverage it to help grow ixigo multiple folds in the last couple of years.

I have met one of the best talents in the country as my colleagues in ixigo and it was a great learning experience from both the senior and junior fellows.

Vineet says that it actually taught him to never give up and continue to work hard no matter how difficult the situation was.

It is all about the team:

We have the team which can solve ‘every traveler’s need’. “If we can’t do it, I am sure no one else in India can do it. Let’s rock ixigems and make it big!”

Vineet shares a friendly and informal bond with his team. He has found a great example in Aloke and Rajnish who are open, friendly and ‘cool’. “They always treat me as a friend and allow me to be straight forward with them in terms of giving feedbacks/suggestions on professional as well as personal front. They always trust in me and the team as well.”

Aloke shares that the most amazing quality of Vineet is the way he responds to critical deadlines and work pressure. Instead of getting stressed, he takes such momenst in a very positive way, inspires and motivates his co-workers and takes the challenge head-on to deliver stuff on time and with great quality.

Aloke reveals that Vineet is a manager who stands up for everyone in the team and yet contributes tremendously to the product individually too, setting an example for others in the team to emulate.


Vineet leaves us with an important message - If one wants to do "real" work then one should definitely join a startup. Trust me, you will come out as a different person altogether. You will have an opportunity to work with real innovators which can spark inspiration at each and every level. You never know, you might be an entrepreneur one day.


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