Which Indian apps do you use daily on your smartphone?

Which Indian apps do you use daily on your smartphone?

Monday November 17, 2014,

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Mobile is eating the world and we haven’t left any stone unturned in telling the world about it. Mobile first strategies and mobile applications are on a huge upswing. There are challenges with respect to monetization but the one thing looks clear is that the future is going to be mobile. The wave has received impetus because of the huge number of takers in upcoming markets like India and Brazil. India has more than a 100 million mobile data users and smartphone sales are also on a high. The entrepreneurial community has also kept pace with the trends and we’ve seen many great apps being built from various parts of the country.

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We decided to hunt down these Indian apps and make a categorical list of apps which are most used by Indians and would love you to contribute to the list.

Here is the survey form we have created to understand the app usage trends in India.


Share your list of apps


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