Here's a programmatic buying and selling platform exclusively for mobile video advertising

Here's a programmatic buying and selling platform exclusively for mobile video advertising

Wednesday November 12, 2014,

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Vdopia is one of the biggest players in mobile and online video advertising. Headquartered in USA, Vdopia was founded by three Indians who went abroad for studies (see their story) and the company has now grown to have a potential reach of 200 million+ unique mobile users globally. The company has now announced the launch of a product called Chocolate- a Mobile Video Programmatic Marketplace. This product is built from the ground up solely for mobile video advertising. It is designed for brand marketers and demand partners who want a marketplace platform that offers mobile video inventory at scale.

“Vdopia has constantly delivered excellent video ad campaigns for top brands in APAC. With more than 10,000+ mobile sites and apps globally, we are excited to support brands and publishers to deliver amazing ad experience in a more efficient manner” says Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Vdopia. “With Chocolate, we're providing an automated, scalable solution for advertisers to further take control of their campaigns; advertise on mobile with a high ROI; and generate more loyal customers. Chocolate is positioned to capitalize on macro trends including moves into programmatic and the emergence of mobile native advertising.”

The Chocolate platform is device-agnostic and is compatible with all major operating systems. All ads served through Chocolate are VAST compliant. “One of the unique advantages of Chocolate is its capability to provide real-time bidding to demand partners which have only basic VAST support but no RTB or Real Time Bidding capability.” says Srikanth Kakani, CTO, Vdopia.

Chocolate also allows brands to auto-play video ads on mobile web pages and apps, adjacent to content, on virtually any smartphone, without disrupting the user's web-browsing experience. This keeps users on the page without annoying distractions and increases video reach and measurability. Chocolate takes advantage of Vdopia's proprietary .VDO technology, which enables advertisers and publishers to run video-enabled ads on the mobile web and apps using simple tags and SDKs.

Website: Vdopia Chocolate