Bringing home spa and salon treatments for everybody, especially elderly

Bringing home spa and salon treatments for everybody, especially elderly

Friday January 16, 2015,

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Nomadic Spalon, as the name suggests, is a travelling spa and salon. It brings spa and salon treatments to your home, a boon in these days when most women feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

“By the time your day’s work ends and you tick off the last point on your to-do list; it’s too late to go to a salon and you start thinking about the next day. This very thought of bringing spa and salon services to a woman’s personal space with a professional touch is what gave wings to The Nomadic Spalon,” says founder Seema Nanda.


For Seema, who started her career in the hotel business, Nomadic Spalon was a step back to her roots and childhood. Her mother owned a spa and salon in Hyderabad and as a teenager Seema would often help out after school hours. It exposed her to all aspects of the business, from setting up services to managing finances and people.

But after completing her education, Seema moved into the hospitality industry, married a hotelier and moved to Delhi. The big city was an eye opener for her. She got the opportunity to work with biggies in the hotel industry like Intercontinental, Radisson, The Park etc. But the 9am–6pm time frame with similar work almost every day soon started becoming monotonous. .

Bored with what she was doing, Seema quit her job and began to train in hair and skin care and got certified as a spa consultant from Core Wellness Ltd. Around that time, she lost her mother and within a year her father passed away as well. With no one to manage her mother’s salon, her family had to shut it down.

This was a trigger for Seema and she started a spa company named Provado Spa Pvt Ltd. Within a year, she founded Nomadic Spalon to provide services to her clients in the comfort of their own space, at their own time and convenience. “Nomadic caters to an average of 250 clients every month,” Seema says.

Special services for the elderly

Seema is proud of Nomadic’s special range of services for elderly clients. While most beauty salons offer the same services to older clients that they do to younger clients, Nomadic also helps bed ridden older customers with basic services such as cutting nails and washing hair. “Why do we see beauty in an old tree, but see nothing in an old person? We are so busy growing up; we often forget that they are also growing old,” she says.

From doing hair, nails, face, etc. to treating their back or headaches with therapeutic massages, the team takes care of nearly everything for its clients. They don’t limit services to old people living in individual houses but also provide for those staying in old age homes. Seema says,

We enjoy serving elderly people the most. They are like little kids.

The team

Currently the team comprises seven full time therapists and four freelancers. The venture also collaborates with an NGO that provides them with girls educated in spa and salon treatments. These girls are further trained on the field by trained professionals. They are sent to serve customers along with trained professionals and get proper training as well as exposure.

Seema is well versed with the trouble women are facing these days. Being the founder and a woman entrepreneur she takes due care of the safety and security of her team. She provides them with safe pick up and drop facilities and ensures that the drivers taking them to the clients’ houses are well trained, educated and well behaved.

Seema hopes to expand Nomadic so that it reaches various parts of New Delhi this year. She also plans to set a luxury day spa in NCR with a Balinese Spa firm which will be in operation from November 2015. She aspires to serve patients of various hospitals via Nomadic Spalon to help them recover quicker. With an aim of serving the unwell and the old, Seema wishes to stand out in the beauty and wellness industry.