Pursuit of APPiness: Sortd, Nuzzle and Andy OS

Pursuit of APPiness: Sortd, Nuzzle and Andy OS

Monday March 02, 2015,

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[The app world is very noisy! There are a bunch of apps being developed everyday and we carry a weekly App Fridayscolumn to review the best of what is coming from India but even these are pretty early stage. This new series will feature impressive apps, from around the world that are stable and have impressed us by their use case, UI or UX. Check out the apps featured on Pursuit of APPiness]

Sortd: is web app for people who live in their inbox all day. Our inboxes are no more a channel of communication – it is also a hub of to-do lists, though it wasn’t meant to be that. When inbox gets messier then you need Sortd app to sit inside of your Gmail to sort it all out.

Sortd adds a layer to your inbox to transform the way you work with Gmail interface. By bringing your email conversations and allowing you to track your tasks and priorities in one intuitive workspace, it gives refresh way to work with Gmail. When the usual way of dealing with email by flagging, starting and marking messages unread – to try and stay on top of things gets messy and out of control, Sortd will arrange your inbox so that important emails may never fall through the cracks. Sortd is not reinventing the email wheel, it leverages a lot of the underlying stuff that Gmail does well and adds only the missing parts. UI is flexible so that you can tailor it the way you want. Features like drag and drop prioritizing on any of your lists, and the ability to rename the subject of an email to something more relevant or merging related email threads.

Pursuit of Appiness - Sortd_YourStory

According to the Founder, Wayne Silbermann, Sortd only reads email headers from your mailbox so that it can include information like the Sender and Subject when you drag a mail to one of your lists. It doesn't read email content at all. So you don’t have much to worry on the privacy front.

Url: http://sortd.com

*iOS & Android apps coming soon.

Nuzzel: connects to your Twitter and Facebook profile, Nuzzel leverages your social ties to deliver the news by plucking out the top-shared content in your network. 

Pursuit of Appiness_Nuzzel_YourStory

We all use social network sites not just to network with people in our lives but also to consume the links they share on our social feed. Increasingly, we have started getting our dose of news from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But the issue is social media is too noisy with Upworthy/Buzzfeed type of headlines all competing for our attention. To decide which one deserves to be read becomes difficult. That is where Nuzzle comes in to give you the best of links that are being share by many people. Flipboard lets you curate your news, Zite uses its algorithm to curate readable content for you. But with Nuzzel, the network of people whom you follow will curate the links for you. You’ll also find some gems if you check “friends of friends” and at your smart friends news feeds.


Url: http://nuzzel.com




Andy OS: Andy creates a digital bridge between a person’s mobile and desktop life. Andy is an Android OS that runs as a desktop software and allows you to access all of your apps directly from your Windows or Mac. It brings your beloved Android apps to bigger screens. It’s handy, especially for people who use multiple mobile devices and spends many hours at work and home in front of work computer. Andy has app bundles where you can find the likes of candy crush for PC and Mac, as well as Tinder, WeChat, Line, SnapChat, and Temple Run. It also allows users to use their smartphones as a remote control during gaming session on desktop. Andy OS has its majority users in the US, India, and Brazil.

Pursuit of Appiness - Andy_OS_YourStory

Url: Andy


Bonus: You might have been accustomed to live tweets at events. Now iOS-based Meerkat app brings you live video tweets. It allows you to live stream video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. The steps are as easy as taking Instagram picture. You press 'Stream', and instantly your live video stream shows up in your follower's Twitter feeds.



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