With 500Mn video views being analysed every month, Vidooly aims to be the comScore for video analytics


Vidooly started out as a YouTube audience development and analytics suite that helped content creators, brands and multi-channel networks (MCNs) increase their views, audience base and earn more revenue on the YouTube platform. They were aiming to position themselves as the ‘Alexa for Youtube analytics’.Since we covered them last in December 2014, Vidooly has grown in their reach, clientèle and team strength.They are now looking to expand to more video streaming platforms and also provide more services.Here is their growth story.

The growth numbers

Since their public beta launch in November, Vidooly has been able to add more than 2000+ individual YouTube channels and six MCNs (multi channel networks) across the globe to their list of customers using their dashboard. Vidooly provides features such as video tag suggestions, best time to upload, competitor tracking, comment moderation, collaboration with influencers, subscriber behaviour analysis, and annotation optimization etc.

Overview of their growth numbers:

- One million plus YouTube channels are analysed everyday by Vidooly's big data engine.

- Vidooly analyses 20 million plus audience data every day and tracks their behaviour on YouTube.

- Their big data engine analyses 500 million plus monthly video views through its platform.

- 120K videos are uploaded every month through Vidooly’s network.

- 2000 plus YouTube channels are under beta trial of Vidooly's dashboard and more than 20% have been converted to paying customers.

They recently introduced a chrome extension of their dashboard titled ‘VidLog’. Subrat said:

It is a chrome browser extension that goes beyond YouTube Analytics in providing an optimization report card for any YouTube video - right into your browser in real time. In simple terms, it gets stats and insights of any YouTube video on your browser.

The team

Within a few months of their beta launch, they have grown to a team size of 20 full time employees and have been able to generate seven digits (INR) in monthly recurring revenues from their customers.

Vidooly was founded by Subrat Kar, Ajay Mishra and Nishant Radia. The three of them had no prior experience in video analytics but learnt about it from scratch over the course of a year.

Subrat was previously a product manager at Jabong and used to play with big volumes of data and had a keen interest in data analytics. He had also worked at Zootout Advertising and Indiamart Intermesh. Ajay has more about five years of experience in building software products across various domains like digital, internet and mobile. He has worked for internet companies such as Monster.com, iimjobs.com, Freekaamaal.com and Search-Value Digital. Nishant, who is the CMO, had previously worked at 10Times and Headstrong.

From day one, Subrat had the desire to startup on his own. With the popularity of video streaming services such as Youtube, he and Ajay realized that there was a market for data analytics in video streaming. So Subrat and Ajay initially started Vidooly, with Nishant joining them soon after.

In his role as the CEO, Subrat now looks after the entire product and sales strategy, vision and growth at Vidooly. He has a marketing team working closely with him to help their clients boost their organic traffic. Ajay, the CTO, looks after all aspects of engineering and technology with his team. Nishant handles operations, generates leads, deals with existing customers and works closely with their account management team. 

Revenue model

While the basic version of their product is free to use for those who sign up, accessing the more advanced features requires the pro version. Vidooly works on a monthly subscription basis and has customised their services based on the needs of their end consumer, who could be content creators, MCNs or brands.

Some of their clientèle include Indian Food network, The Viral Fever, Sony Music, Times Music, Hoopla Kids, #fame, and Ping network.

Others in the sector

While there are no direct competitors to Vidooly in India, on the global front we came across IneoQuest and ChannelMeter.

Coming to MCNs, globally renowned Fullscreen was acquired by AT&T in a deal valued at USD 200-300 million. Following its footsteps, Maker Studio, another globally acclaimed MCN was acquired by Disney in an acquisition worth around $950 million in 2014.

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 Future plans 

So far, Vidooly has focussed only on Youtube and now plan to expand their services to other video streaming platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion and are in talks to offer their service on Facebook and Twitter as well.

With live streaming video apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and India’s Instalively gaining popularity, they are also planning to launch their service on such platforms. They will be able to offer insights such as how many users watched the entire livestream and at what point the interested peaked and at what point it dropped etc.

Vidooly’s future plans also include expanding their product globally and are planning to open up offices in Singapore and in the Middle East etc to better understand the local market. The startup is currently bootstrapped but the founders are in talks with investors to raise funding. They are also in the process of expanding their team and are currently hiring across various roles such as technology, marketing and operations.

Website: Vidooly