AnCrypto, world’s first ‘Chat & Pay’ crypto wallet goes viral with 150K wallet creations

Since its launch in December 2022, the wallet has garnered over 100K downloads making it one of the fastest growing DeFi products recently.

AnCrypto, world’s first ‘Chat & Pay’ crypto wallet goes viral with 150K wallet creations

Thursday January 12, 2023,

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We are living in a world where blockchain is becoming more and more integral. Entrepreneurs have started to see the potential of the technology, and they believe it can transform industries. Governments across the world are supporting cryptos, which will only intensify the growth of the industry. In the midst of this boom, new blockchain products are constantly emerging, stunning us with their unique features and UI.

AnCrypto, a decentralised crypto wallet is one such product that is making waves after its launch in December 2022. The wallet offers users a secure and user-friendly platform for storing and managing their cryptocurrency assets. AnCrypto gives users complete control over their funds by utilising advanced encryption techniques and not holding any private keys.

Since its launch, the wallet has garnered over 100K downloads making it one of the fastest growing DeFi products recently. The massive success of the wallet signifies the strengthening trust of the global crypto community.

Features of AnCrypto

AnCrypto was launched with the aim to make crypto finance easier and accessible for all users, and it operates on the principle that all users deserve the right to control and invest their money regardless of remittance regulations. Here are some of the unique features:

Chat and pay: It is the world’s first wallet to have a chat and pay feature - a step beyond the usual method of wallet-address transfers. This unique feature has made it a favourite for many users as it enables them to send and receive crypto money quickly in the same chat window. It also makes users receive immediate acknowledgements and further track transactional history. Currently, the chat and pay feature is integrated with over nine chains and will include more chains in upcoming releases. The wallet supports secure, fast and peer-2-peer transfer of crypto money through chat transfers, wallet addresses and QR-codes.

Multi-chain experience: While AnCrypto supports transactions in nine tokens, the platform integrates blockchain bridges for easier cross-chain transactions. With an increase in the number of public chains, users are likely to prefer a multi-chain experience and eliminate the hassle to download and maintain multiple single chain wallets. The multi-chain experience triggers more than a million transactions so far. AnCrypto Bridge allows users to move assets from one chain to another in only a few steps, and store their wealth across multiple blockchains. 

Over 150 wallet creations: One of the most common problems in the crypto industry is memorising complex wallet addresses as identifiers of users. Due to complicated alphanumeric names, users can end up sending money to wrong addresses. AnCrypto is tackling this problem by letting users simply type in the name and execute transactions in the window. So far, AnCrypto has already garnered over 150K wallet creations and counting.

Intuitive UI: Alongside these amazing features, AnCrypto has an intuitive interface and customisation options for advanced users.

The road ahead

After the successful launch of AnCrypto, the team looks forward to their iOS launch to expand the wallet’s existing user base from 100 to more countries. They are excited about the upcoming trends as the crypto market braces up for a revamp this new year. And as crypto markets rise, a product like AnCrypto will only make businesses smoother.