[App Fridays] This app aims to eliminate the question 'Kidhar Hai?'

Harshith Mallya
1st May 2015
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Knowing a person’s exact co-ordinates in case of emergencies makes it easier for family and friends to take necessary action depending on the situation. Constantly calling up or messaging a person sometimes becomes counterproductive. ‘Kidhar Hai’ aims to make it easier for smartphone and non-smarptphone users to keep track of their loved ones:What is it?

‘Kidhar Hai’ is a location ecosystem for people, vehicles and assets. It aims to ensure the safety of the user by keeping his or her family and friends updated about their location. It also helps the user manage their fleet efficiently, track work staff etc thereby increasing productivity. The app is available on Android and iOS with certain features available to feature phone users as well through SMS and missed calls.


-SOS Button: In case of emergencies, men or women can tap the SOS button on the app and an alert with location details get sent to the user’s selected list of contacts and also other app users in the vicinity.

-Real Time Location update: Users can allow family members or friends to get real time location updates through the app.

-Non-Smartphone features: Feature phone or non-smartphone users can also leverage some of the features of the app and get real time locations by giving a missed call to the concerned person or sending an SMS ‘Kidhar Hai?’ or ‘Where are you?’ to the concerned person.

Team behind it


Madhur Jain and Razin Naik met each other in junior college and have been friends for about 10 years now. Madhur is a B.E in electronics and is passionate about coding and technology. He had previously worked with eNTesla and Infosys Technologies Ltd. Razin is an MBA in finance and has worked with HDFC Bank and TCS. Having gained some industrial exposure, they decided to move back to their birthplace, Ratnagiri, and be their own bosses.

They started Pleximus, where they undertake client work and also work on their own ideas. With rising crime against women, children and safety hazards that both men and women face while travelling alone, they developed ‘Kidhar Hai’ to address this pain point.

They thought of multiple use cases for both personal and professional needs. Users can keep track of their family members or their workforce. They currently have a prototype of a GPS device that they plan to integrate with vehicles to make tracking easier. Currently, all features of the app are free but in the future the team plans to introduce in-app purchases for a few features such as location tracking for workforce and location history.

Others in the sector

Safety is a major concern and many startups are trying to tackle the problem in different ways. Some other noteworthy apps are RideSafe, Safetipin and Status.

What we liked?


The app has a simple UI and the features are self-explanatory. The attention to detail such as the ability to set tracking to ‘Auto’, ‘On request’ or ‘Off’ depending on the users need is interesting.

Also the ability for non-smartphone users to get updates via missed calls or SMS adds to the appeal.

What could be improved?

An interesting feature to add could be automatic status updates or notifications to a person’s selected contact list. This will reduce the effort on the part of the tracker and make it easier to be updated.

The founders confirmed that they have a prototype of a GPS tracking device and are planning to introduce it to the market soon. This would be useful as it could be integrated with vehicles and the user need not have a smartphone on him or her to be tracked.

YS verdict

‘Kidhar Hai’ by Pleximus is solving an important pain poin and it will be interesting to see how they build on their current momentum and reach a larger audience.

Website – Kidharhai, Android, iOS

What do you think about this app, do let us know in the comments below. Also do check out other apps under our App Fridays and Pursuit of APPiness series

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