With an updated brand identity, Flipkart launches its mobile app for sellers


Flipkart today announced the launch of its mobile app for sellers. The app aims at building and strengthening the overall marketplace ecosystem, by helping merchants on the Flipkart platform to manage their businesses from anywhere and at any given time. This will help new sellers to register and kick start their businesses along with enabling the current base of 30,000+ sellers to further streamline the entire process of doing business online.

What’s Seller Hub?

The ‘Seller Hub’ App will enable sellers to grow and expand their businesses by using their smartphones—giving them mobility across geographies. From listings, orders, returns, payments and order fulfillment, the on-the-go solution will provide sellers real-time data on all aspects of their business.

As an extension of products and services offered to sellers, the new app will offer an even playing ground for sellers from both metros and small cities. The company is betting the success of the app on the fact that the smartphones are becoming the primary device to access the internet .

The ‘Seller Hub’ app will see addition of new features in the upcoming months.

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And a new logo too

Eight year old ecommerce giant has recently announced their new logo as a part of brand identity update. Conceptualized and designed by Flipkart design team and an external agency called Umbrella Design – the new brand identity is aligned to Flipkart’s vision of commerce in India by reinstating its focus on the mobile platform. According to company, the 3D design and contrasting color palettes in the new logo will help break the clutter and stands out on the mobile platform making the brand more appealing and inclusive to all its audiences.

Company shared the following attributes and design aspects of the new logo:

  1. The new design captures the elements of playfulness and youthfulness
  2. The logo also retains elements that denote our legacy of being a strong, authentic, trustworthy and fast brand
  3. The contrasting color palettes and the 3D design help the logo stand out across all touch points, whether it is desktop, mobile, online or offline.

Shoumyan Biswas - Senior Director, Marketing, Flipkart said,

“The refreshed brand identity, including the new logo, is a reflection of our promise to our stakeholders – youthful, innovative, fast and reliable. While developing the new logo, we focussed on three key elements –

  1. The new identity had to create a positive perception about our Brand; two,
  2. The logo needed to be more inclusive in its appeal to all our customers and three,
  3. Given our focus on the mobile platform it had to stand out on the app interface.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Myntra had shut down its website and announced its mobile app only strategy. Sachin Bansal mentioned at the announcement,

We are already seeing the development of mobile-based commerce, which will be the most powerful, personalized, intuitive and inclusive market.

Both the logo update and the seller hub app announcement are in line with the above statement and we can expect a lot more focus on m-commerce in coming times.


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