Bengaluru-based Mocept firms its stand in quizzing arena, signs up MapMyIndia for Freehit

Bengaluru-based Mocept firms its stand in quizzing arena, signs up MapMyIndia for Freehit

Wednesday June 10, 2015,

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Bengaluru-based startup Mocept which launched an animated visual dictionary an year ago, is now establishing itself in the quizzing arena. After launching cricket trivia quiz app –Freehit for cricket lovers on Android and iOS platform, the company is conducting an exclusive brand engagement with MapmyIndia this week.

Mocept started operations in April 2013 with a team of professionals with expertise in core areas that make a video based education possible on mobiles or tablets. They currently have 3 apps on the Google Play Store. ‘Illustrate – Video Dictionary’, ‘Illustrate – Word Quiz’ and ‘FreeHit Quiz”.

Mocept Freehit

The ‘Freehit’ in the quizzing space

In alignment to its vision to create fun learning solutions using interactive multimedia content, an interactive quiz was a natural extension for Mocept. The company in February this year, decided to enter the quiz app segment with the launch of Freehit for Android devices.

Gothami Sankar
Gothami Sankar

Th current video dictionary app has a Quiz section. Mocept launched Word Quiz, an interactive quiz app for English learning based on the video content they had created for the video dictionary. The user response and engagement was very encouraging. Quiz and Trivia is a large platform and there is a huge unaddressed need in India and the global market. So the company decided to build a Quiz platform, FreeHit, for users to answer trivia questions across variety of topics. Gomathi Sankar, CEO & Founder says,

The content was built in such a way that it connects emotionally with the users – often we remember a statistic or a fact because we were emotionally connected with that moment. There are live tournaments every day where users can win cash prizes. Users can challenge other users to score bragging rights.

Digital engagement platform for brands

FreeHit is a digital engagement platform for brands. The average session length in the app is more than 8 minutes and increasing. The user base is largely between 20 and 25 years old and come from all over India. Brands look at FreeHit as a platform to engage with young users and convey the value of their brand. FreeHit will be the primary app where different brands will collaborate with. Currently there are live tournaments held every day. We envision a future where live tournaments can happen every hour and variety of brands can engage with the users on different sections. And there will be something for every user – from Quiz aficionados to casual quizzers. The Mocept team has developed more than 6000 questions for the cricket quiz alone and has come up with unique IP around quiz mechanics and an adaptive quiz engine. Popular subjects include World Cup, ODI, T20, Tests, Legends of Cricket, Rules, Cricketing shots, bowling actions, player jerseys and team names. Freehit has been gaining popularity among cricket and IPL fans specially. The daily tournaments have seen more than 1,000 new registrations every day. In its new avatar, players can now challenge their friends to test their cricket IQ.

The content is offered in local languages – starting with Hindi but expanding to other languages. Though Freehit started off with Cricket as a focus area, it'll be expanding to variety of topics. Similarly the focus is India right now but the product is global.

MapMyIndia on board!

As part of the brand engagement with MapMyIndia, Freehit quiz will be themed around MapmyIndia. The app will organize a mega tournament on Thursday 11th June, 2015 where the winner will receive a MapmyIndia Navigator worth Rs. 12,990/-. Contestants will have to register on the app and then play the quiz. The one with maximum points will walk away with the reward.

MayMyIndia Mocept

Rakesh Verma, MD, MapmyIndia believes that Freehit will enable them engage with the young consumers who are tech-savvy and use smart-phones for entertainment and for utility, and who can benefit immensely from 'our suite of location based products and services.'

‘Illustrate – Video Dictionary’ app is essentially a collection of 30 seconds videos of English words where the meanings are explained with context and real life examples. Illustrate has been successful all over the world across geographies including India, SE Asia, Latin America and USA. The app is useful for students preparing for exams like the GRE and GMAT as well as for students learning the English language for the first time. Illustrate – The Video dictionary has racked up more than 100,000 downloads in less than a year since launch.

Gomathi says,

 The brand engagement with MapmyIndia validates that Freehit is more than just a quiz platform and is on its way towards becoming a digital interaction medium for brands. We are excited to partner with MapmyIndia.

What happens to Video dictionary?

It is still part of the offering. Video dictionary is a Reference app focused on English learning. The company’s vision always has been to bring solutions that enable better learning through interactive multimedia content. Gomathi says,

We feel Video Dictionary and FreeHit address different consumer needs but are built on a singular fundamental platform.


Download the Freehit App here.