How to use the right keywords to make your website a success

How to use the right keywords to make your website a success

Friday June 19, 2015,

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If you are planning to create a website, keyword analysis is important. It is vital that you choose the right keywords when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps make your website favourably navigate the World Wide Web’s various search engines. Both keywords and keyword phrases play a very important role in making or breaking your website’s search engine rankings.


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Keyword selection 

  • Selection of the keyword/s depends on your company, and the products or services that you sell.
  • Internet users use specific terms while searching on the internet.Having those specific terms in your website’s content can attract traffic, thereby improving your sales and increasing your revenue. For expert help regarding choosing the right keywords and optimizing your website, enlisting the help of an SEO company will be of great help.
  • Using the right keywords on your website is very important for SEO, but keyword stuffing should be avoided.
  • Use of digital marketing technology ensures that you have search engine optimized websites.

Here are some basic tips that will help you pick the right keywords so that your website can attract maximum traffic by securing a high search engine rank.

Identification of relevant keywords

There are various free tools on the internet that can help you identify the right keywords. However, it is better to first think about the keywords yourself. What keywords would you use when searching for a business similar to yours? Now write them down and use a free tool like the Google AdWords Keyword tool to plug in the keywords you have come up with. This would help you to select keywords based on traffic level and competition.

Choose keywords specific to your business

It is crucial that you choose realistic keywords for the best outcome. The keywords must truly indicate the business you are in. Popular keywords face a lot of competition. Hence, keep the keywords specific to your business so that you have better chances of getting a higher rank.

Follow a planned procedure

  • Make your own list of keywords that you think can attract potential customers browsing for your service, product or information.
  • Include synonyms too.
  • Use search engines to find keywords that can help detect competing websites.
  • Visit their sites and note down their keywords.
  • Use sites that tell the most searched keywords.
  • You can use web analytics software to find out which keywords have already attracted huge traffic.

These will help you use the correct keywords for your website and thereby make it a huge success.

Check the competition

You can check the competition for your keywords by typing them into Google. Read the content and title tags of the first page of searches. Check the usage of keywords there. If they have used it a lot then there is tough competition. Go for something more specific.

About the Author: Anand is the Founder and CEO of DiggDigital, a SEO company in Bengaluru)

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