Uber to present 'Supercars on Demand' - free rides in niche supercars!

Uber to present 'Supercars on Demand' - free rides in niche supercars!

Wednesday July 15, 2015,

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A luxurious Audi R8 or a sturdy Hummer? - cars that are so fast that they are called supercars are being offered up for free drives in a new campaign by an online portal. Droom, an online marketplace for buying and selling of automobiles has partnered with cab service provider Uber to present 'Supercars on Demand' in New Delhi.


"To avail of the offer participants have to get on the Uber mobile application between 1 PM and 4 PM on July 15 to get an opportunity to drive a supercar, organisers said . Rishab Malik, Co-founder and VP, Business Development, at Droom says, "We are absolutely thrilled about this one of a kind event that we are hosting along with our partner Uber.

"Niche luxury cars are now just a click away with Droom. With this latest category, we now offer the widest range of pre-owned, exotic and classy cars for sale. Through this campaign we wish to bring people who have longed to enjoy a first-hand experience of super cars one step closer to owning their very own mean machine."

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According to PTI, users can post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pictures with these supercars and surprise gifts would be given away to select riders. "This is the first time we're bringing #UberSUPERCARS to India, for real. Uber is all about providing amazing and unique experiences to its riders and this is one way of giving them an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the supercar ride," says Karun Arya, Communications Lead, South Asia and India, Uber.

The ride-sharing company has offered the same deal earlier in Singapore and Malaysia among other countries.

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