Announcing ‘Make for India’ Hackathon at MobileSparks. Prize money worth Rs 2 lacs up for grabs

4th Aug 2015
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Mobile is eating the world. Really fast. It has changed the technology landscape drastically and the world is gearing up for a day when a majority of the global population will have a smartphone. And India is at the forefront of this mobile revolution. Mobile is the first screen for the millions of Indians who are coming online for the first time, and we require ‘Made in India’ innovations.


The stage is set for the developers to come and hack their way to a prize money of INR 2 lakhs and more. Register here for the Hackathon.

Track 1 : "Make for India"

Develop an app that could potentially solve problems that we face or see in our daily lives or make our lives better.

Track 2 : “Utility and Games”

1. Battery saving modes/application.

Don’t we all hate it when the battery goes from 20% to 0 in minutes. What if we could make the last 20% last a day, by optimising what is using the battery on the phone, and cut out non-essential apps. Have a great idea on how to optimise battery usage? Here is your chance to build it.

2. Social games.

We all love playing games but it is all the more fun when played with peers and friends. Social games are a great way to bond with friends and take the stress away. We would love to see you come out with excellent social games which can be played by you and your friends simultaneously.

3. Enhanced Camera

Life is all about making memories and phone cameras are the first thing to capture the moment. Selfie is te cult of the decade! What other memories one can capture during that "Awesome click". Come show us what do you have in mind to make that camera more enhanced.

Example: Audio, Voice and other sensors’ readings and display in a meaningful way? How can one improve the experience of photo viewing and refreshing memories?

Track 3 : “Machine learning and Predicting Consumer Behaviour”

What will Indian consumers buy next ?

Sample data will provided data w.r.t. people's repeat buying patterns across various cities (user specific info like name, contact info etc.).

  1. Work on machine learning algorithms / heuristics to come up with what a consumer will buy next and when, based on their prior buying patterns.
  2. Trending products / stores and how they vary based on locale.
  3. Come up with the right product ordering that should show up on the app based on trends in an area as well as based on personalised preferences of users that are derived from their buying patterns.

When: Friday, August 7, 2015 at 9:30 AM - to - Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 6:30 AM (IST)

WhereMLR Convention Centre- Whitefield, Dyvasandra Industrial Layout Mahadevapura, Whitefield,Bengaluru, 560048

Here’s the agenda:


09:30AM - 10:30AM - Registration
10:30AM - 11:15AM - Team formation and hackaton instructions.
11:15AM - 12:00AM - Hackaton talks.
12:30PM - 1:30PM - Hack begins
01:30PM - 02:30PM - Lunch
02:30PM - 03:00PM - Discussion Corner - Bouncing ideas and interaction between mentors and participants
03:00PM - 05:30PM - Hack continues.
05:30PM – 06.00PM - Tea Break
06:00PM - 08:15PM  - Hack continues

          08:30PM – 09:30PM - Dinner

          10:00PM – 10:30PM  - Discussion Corner – Bounce ideas and interaction with mentors and participants

          11:00PM – 01:30PM - Hack continues

         02:00AM – 02:30AM – Tea Break

         02:30AM – 4:30AM - Hack continues

         04:00AM – 4:45AM – Final Countdown

         05:00AM - 06:30AM  - Final presentation

Register here for the Hackathon. (There is no registration fee)

For any quires related to the Hackathon, Please write to

A big shoutout to all MobileSparks Hackathon sponsors – Flipkart, GrofersYUReverie and OYORooms.


With 1000+ developers, 500+ startups, and hundreds of mobile ecosystem players, MobileSparks 2015 promises to be bigger and better. Join the league of exceptional mobile startups from India at MobileSparks 2015.

For more details, Please check out –

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